Bury Grammar School Sports Development

BGS has a long tradition of sporting excellence dating back to the School’s inception in 1570 and sport has played an integral part of the life of the Bury Grammar School community.

The sporting culture at BGS teaches our pupils the spirit of teamwork, the art of sportsmanship and the test of leadership. Whilst winning is the ultimate goal, the essence of participation for all at every level is what matters most.

The boys' sports facilities were built in the 1970s and require significant investment. We have been fortunate to gain the support of a number of Old Boys, parents, grandparents, friends and Charitable Trusts who have enabled us to complete Phase 1 of our development:

All Weather Sports Pitches

You can see from the video above that these fabulous facilities will benefit all of our pupils at all ages and levels, all year round. You can read more about our new pitches using the Phase 1 link above.

This is not the end of our re-development plans and we now turn our attention to Phase 2 : Buckley Wells

Our 20 acre site at Buckley Wells is used by over 5000 pupils, staff and spectators, Old Boys and visiting teams every year and hosts most of our competitive fixtures. Our present changing facilities do not do justice to our maginficent School nor to the high quality pitches that surround it – Buckley Wells is the jewel in the BGSB crown.

“Buckley Wells is a high profile facility. The quality of the pitches and the space available is exceptional and many visiting teams, including Harrow School, have commented on the excellent condition of the playing surfaces. But what really lets it down are the changing and hosting facilities”. Simon Williams, Director of Sport.

Our current facilities are old and dilapidated with no heating facilities and restricted changing space.

Our Vision

We would like to upgrade the current changing facilities to include:

  • Fully refurbished 4 – berth changing and shower facilities
  • Glass viewing area across football and rugby pitches
  • Café and spectator facilities
  • Equipment store
Phase 3: BGSB Sports Hall

The current Sports Hall was opened in 1974 and whilst the actual Sports Hall remains in good condition we would like to refurbish some of the existing facilities and look to extend the changing rooms.

Our Vision

We would like to upgrade the current facilities to include:

  • New entrance foyer
  • Extended and re furbished changing facilities
  • General upgrade to the interior and exterior