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Bury Grammar School House System Gallery
Bury Grammar School House System Gallery
Bury Grammar School House System Gallery
Bury Grammar School House System Gallery
Bury Grammar School House System Gallery
Bury Grammar School House System Gallery
BGS’s eight Houses are named after benefactors and former Heads. Traditionally pupils follow into the House their parents and grandparents are so proud of and typically sisters and brothers follow each other into the same House.
The system provides opportunities for everyone to participate in a wide variety of representative competitive activities including; Hockey, Netball, Basketball, Tennis, Rounders, Badminton, Swimming, Soccer, Athletics, Chess, Squash, Reading, Public Speaking, Cookery, Art, Music and Drama.
Pupils learn the joy and value of team participation, and the valuable lessons of dependability and having to give of your best. Pupils learn to win with modesty and accept defeat with good grace, and that participation is far more important than winning.
The House tie or badge helps the individual identify with a large group, additional to the School and tutor group, with which loyalties can be built.
House competition is always healthy and everyone is encouraged to participate. From Year 3 to Sixth Formers, those who immerse themselves thoroughly are often given the chance to lead and organise in a system that aims to provide as many opportunities as possible. It is through the House system that pupils across the school learn to work together, often with amazing results and generating a wonderful spirit that fuels BGS’s House system - that of fun!

'Two house events are definitely among my highlights of the BGS year. There is sports day, where everyone takes part, regardless of how sporty they are - and all the pupils genuinely cheer each other on. And the House Music Contest at Christmas, which really has to be experienced to be believed and is the greatest fun! I love these events because you really see and feel how warm, supportive, friendly and fun our school is.'

Mrs J Anderson, Principal


HULME is named after William Hulme, a wealthy Manchester lawyer and landowner who died in 1691. In his will he set up a charitable trust which, over the centuries has given money to many worthy causes, including local schools such as Bury.
HOWLETT is named after Revd William Henry Howlett, a strong, energetic character who was able to take a firm grip on the school and give it a new sense of direction and purpose. Apparently, he celebrated his appointment as Head at Bury Grammar School by getting married in July of 1879.
KAY is named after the Reverend Roger Kay, who had re-founded the school in 1726 with a generous bequest and in honour of whom Founders' Day is held each May.
DERBY is named in honour of the Earl of Derby, who donated the land on which the school stands. The house was originally named Wood, after another school benefactor, but it was quickly changed to Derby.


KITCHENER is named after Miss Jane Penelope Kitchener (1884 - 1919) who was the first BGSG Headmistress. During her time as Headmistress, Latin, French, Science and Mathematics were all taught at Bury Grammar School Girls and also English, Music Divinity, Needlework and Games.

NEILD is named after Miss Nellie Neild, Oxford MA (1919 - 1940). Miss Neild was keen to promote that girls should get the same opportunities as boys, that even if it was not necessary for them to earn a living the value of being independent was immeasurable. If they wanted to be really happy they should serve others. Work was essential to a happy life.

PERIGO is named after Miss Grace Perigo BA (1940 - 1954). Miss Perigo inspired BGS girls with the ideals of love and service. During the war knitting for the troops and the Merchant Navy, the making of camouflage nets, financial and material help to refugees and those in bombed areas were part of this service.
LESTER is named after Miss Dorothy Lester J.P., BSc 1 (1954 - 1979). The Dorothy Lester Travel Scholarship is awarded by the OGA in memory of a much loved headmistress to a pupil whose proposal to travel, most commends itself to them for its initiative, enterprise and educational value. There is a continuing tradition of helping others and supporting charities which has always been a part in the education of BGSG.