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Located in the heart of Bury, we take our responsibility to our local community and beyond seriously. We are enormously proud to be part of the town of Bury, in Greater Manchester.
Owing to a history of philanthropy stretching back 450+ years we enjoy excellent resources and facilities.    
We want others to benefit from BGS and giving back to the community is something we do each and every day.

We are engaged in a number of initiatives with other schools and organisations and welcome enquiries from organisations who would like to forge a partnership with us. 
This Kid Can
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World Challenge 1
Bury Blind Society
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Bury Grammar pupils raise significant amounts for charity each year.

But we also know that real altruism goes far beyond raising money; it involves giving time and going out of one’s way for the benefit of others.

Many of our pupils volunteer through our extensive community service programme and by doing so make a real impact on the lives of others.


Our school outreach programme involves significant contributions to other local schools in the Bury area.

For example:

  • ‘This Kid Can’ Partnership with St Paul’s School, Bury.
  • Partnership working with Bury Hospice.
  • Partnership with the local music service.
  • Our Director of Music works with a local school one day a week. 
  • BGS has hosted two free CPD days for Bury primary science leaders as part of a collaboration with The University Manchester and Derby High School. 
  • The school hosted The University of Manchester’s SEERIH Annual Primary Science Conference in November 2018.  BGS offered staff costs free of charge and 130 primary teachers from across Greater Manchester attended this sponsored event. 
  • Our Primary Science Coordinator is working with the deputy heads at another local school to offer more in depth science teaching to all pupils in the school.
  • BGS hosts a number of sporting events for the Bury Junior Sports Association over the course of the year. 
  • Provided a platform for football participation for nearly 400 children in the Bury area which we have been very proud to do owing to our outstanding sports facilities. In addition, we have provided referees for these matches form our staff and pupil body.
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