Bury Grammar Schools

Current Policies

The School is required to publish certain information for parents and prospective parents to comply with either legislation or the standards of the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). This information can also be found elsewhere on this website but is collated here for ease of reference.

Address and registered office

Bury Grammar School
Tenterden Street
Tel: 0161 696 8600

Principal: Mrs Jo Anderson
Vice-Principal: Mr Devin Cassidy
Bursar: Mrs Jane Stevens

Chair of Governors

You can contact the Chair of Governors, Mrs Gillian Winter, through the Clerk to the Governors, Mrs J Stevens:

By post: c/o Bury Grammar School, Farraday House, Bridge Road, Bury, BL9 0HG

By email:

Bury Grammar School's aims and plans

Bury Grammar School is a leading academic institution and the school of first choice for pupils, parents and staff in the area.

Our staff and pupils are very proud of the School and have the highest expectations.

Our school aims are:


To challenge and inspire pupils to work hard, aim high and achieve and to provide an excellent learning environment where each pupil values academic success and where achievement is celebrated by all.


To foster intellectual curiosity and generosity of spirit, self-belief, confidence, a sense of responsibility and a caring and tolerant outlook


To encourage all pupils to participate in a wide range of activities, developing an all-round approach to their education and a life-long love of learning.


To support parents in raising well-rounded, ambitious and happy children who play a positive role in society, develop a sense of duty and service and are well prepared for lives in an ever-changing world.


Inspection report and public examination results

Inspection Reports

Public Exam Results


School policies