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Bury Grammar School Students
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Bury Grammar School Students

Welcome to Bury Grammar School!

It is the people of Bury Grammar School - our sparky and engaged pupils, our talented and committed staff, our supportive and friendly parents - who make BGS the outstanding place it is. Not only academically outstanding, which is a given as a high-performing grammar school, but also second to none in our forward-thinking and modern approach to pastoral care and life.

This is an ambitious school with an uplifting, positive and life-affirming ethos. We believe utterly in the transformative power of education and we always have high aspirations for our young people. 

It is our high aspirations which have led to Bury Grammar School blossoming in recent years, with examination results strengthening still further year on year and more and more pupils applying to join us. While we are of course always delighted with stellar results which make the headlines, we are even more thrilled for individual pupils who make astonishing progress for them: this is what our inspirational teachers came into teaching for.

Why such success at BGS?  Our pupils want to learn and are ambitious while also resolutely down to earth; our teachers know how to get the best out of young people, know their subject, are generous with their time and are absolute professionals; and our parents work with us positively and collaboratively in a key three-way partnership between pupil, home and school. This is a winning combination which we would say is unbeatable.   

The leadership of the School very much play a 'hands on' role in School and is engaged with pupils and parents.  While as Heads our primary responsibilities relate to overall strategy, we both take a pride in continuing to teach and run extra-curricular activities: in short, the school leaders and governors know and have a deep affection for the School. 

Don't take our word for the claims we make about Bury Grammar School: you will find on these pages reports from 'The Good Schools Guide', inspection reports and numerous quotations from our pupils and parents.

We hope you get a sense through the pages of this website of the phenomenal academic success our pupils enjoy and of the likeable and winning young people they become. The best way, however, to fully appreciate what Bury Grammar School is all about is to come and visit us and talk to the people who make this a unique place. We do love to show visitors around the School of which we are very proud and would be thrilled to meet you.

As Bury Grammar School goes beyond its 450th year, we are mindful of the superb education this great school has offered to so many generations of young people over the years and we look forward to the future with great optimism and confidence.

A Bury Grammar education changes lives.

Mrs Jo Anderson                      Mr Devin Cassidy
Principal                                     Vice Principal

Last year, Bury Grammar School was delighted to announce a vibrant new Primary Division at the heart of the BGS campus and to introduce The Courthouse, our new academic centre for Sixth Form.

Hear more on these exciting developments from our Principal, Mrs Anderson, in the short film below.