Bury Grammar Schools

Aims and Strategic Plans


Bury Grammar Schools' Aims

BGS pupils and teachers are proud to aim high and have high expectations.


To challenge and inspire pupils to work hard, aim high and achieve and to provide an excellent learning environment where each pupil values academic success and where achievement is celebrated by all.


To foster intellectual curiosity and generosity of spirit, self-belief, confidence, a sense of responsibility and a caring and tolerant outlook.


To encourage all pupils to participate in a wide range of activities, developing an all-round approach to their education and a life-long love of learning.


To support parents in raising well-rounded, ambitious and happy children who play a positive role in society, develop a sense of duty and service and are well prepared for lives in an ever-changing world.
Strategic Objectives
1. Develop Bury Grammar Schools' standing and profile on the regional and national stage in our 450th year
2. Develop Bury Grammar Schools' Pupil Leadership Programme
3. Develop Bury Grammar Schools' Leadership and Training Academy for both BGS staff and colleagues in other schools
4. Continue to strengthen academic provision across all areas of BGS so that all pupils can truly achieve the very best of which they are capable
5. Maintain, recruit, nurture and develop a first class teaching and support staff
6. Strengthen communication with current parents
7. Develop ways in which we put Bury Grammar Schools on show
8. Continue to develop pastoral care
9. Develop Bury Grammar Schools' enrichment programme
10. Continue to work together as one school and ensure quality of provision

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