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Academic Ethos
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Our Academic Ethos

We aim to develop a lifelong love of learning in our pupils, where excellent examination results are just one aspect of academic achievement.

Bury Grammar School is an environment where pupils are encouraged to take risks in their learning and become confident, independent scholars. During their time with us, pupils discover their academic strengths and talents in a culture where academic achievements are celebrated by the entire school community. 

An ambitious school, the success of our pupils is firmly rooted in our high expectations. We strive for excellence in all areas of teaching and learning, enabling every pupil in our care to achieve their personal best. Academic staff encourage pupils to hone their study skills, develop excellent learning habits and cultivate an intellectual curiosity about the world in which they live. Whatever the academic aspirations of our pupils, all leave us with an excellent academic grounding and a sense of purpose to use their knowledge and skills to contribute to wider society.

'' Celebrating academic achievement is central to everything we do at BGS.  Whether it is a triumph in a house quiz or a collection of A* grades at A Level, our entire community has a common purpose of achievement, excellence and success. ''

Mrs V Leaver, Director of Academic Provision