English Language

“A word after a word after a word is power” – Margaret Atwood

English Language combines elements of psychology, sociology and linguistics, creating a diverse and ever-evolving subject that gives students the opportunity to really understand and contribute to the world around them. Students of English Language seek to understand the methods writers use to represent themselves and influence others, whether through an election speech or a Snapchat story. Here at Bury Grammar School, we teach English Language as a means to develop pupils’ understanding of the communication that surrounds them. Through the study of an incredibly wide range of texts, from postcards, tweets and text messages to advertisements and speeches, we help our pupils to develop an understanding of the factors that affect language use, enabling them to become critical readers of the texts that they encounter every day.

Subject Content

Head of Department

Mr Seed graduated with an Honours degree in English before completing his PGCE.
Prior to joining Bury Grammar School, he gained experience teaching in a range of educational contexts including both secondary and further education.
He is a Team Leader of assessors for national and international exam boards.
Mr Seed is passionate about English as both an essential skill and an enriching aspect of young people’s education.