Bury Grammar Schools

Humanities Faculty

Through investigation of the Humanities, we begin to understand the world that we live in today and gain the tools to prepare effectively for the future.
In studying a range of worldviews, issues and ideas, pupils learn how to make spiritual, moral and intellectual sense of the world around them. They begin to see the world differently, appreciate its diversity and complexity and develop a sense of their own values and attitudes, their own particular place in our ever changing world. The Humanities foster the development of informed, resilient, global citizens.

In the Humanities at Bury Grammar School, we teach pupils how to think, not what to think. We teach our pupils how to appreciate the views of others whilst also thinking for themselves, both creatively and critically, and to challenge what others take for granted. Pupils learn how to analyse, evaluate and to communicate. Whether judging the reliability of sources in History, analysing beliefs and attitudes in Religious Studies or interpreting data in Geography, pupils leave us proficient in a range of transferrable, key skills which have life long value. Pupils understand the power of past and present, people and place.


Head of Faculty

Miss Tomkinson graduated from the University of Manchester with a BA (Hons) in Geography, before completing a PGCE at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Before joining Bury Grammar School in 2012, she gained experience in several leading independent schools in the North West.
Mrs Tomkinson is committed to bringing the individual strengths of the separate Humanities subjects together, ensuring that our pupils are well informed, global citizens, fully prepared for life in the twenty-first century.

Staff List

Miss Tomkinson - Head of the Humanities Faculty, Head of Geography

Miss Halstead - Head of History and Politics

Mrs Rumboldt - Head of Religious Studies

Mr Newbury - Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of Geography

Miss Gillibrand - Geography Teacher

Mrs Mehta - Part Time Teacher of Geography

Mr Hone - Part Time Teacher of History and Politics

Mrs Bevis - Part Time Teacher of History

Mrs Kay - Teacher of History and Politics

Mrs Cawtherley - Teacher of Religious Studies

Mrs Evans - Teacher of Religious Studies and History