Bury Grammar Schools

Languages Faculty

The Languages Faculty at Bury Grammar School strives to increase academic potential whilst instilling a love of languages and other cultures in our pupils.
In a world where communication is key, we develop pupils speaking skills, support them in identifying language patterns and enable them to become independent learners. Pupils are encouraged to use the target language both in and out of the classroom and have regular contact with Foreign Language Assistants who nurture their linguistic abilities.
Languages lessons at BGS open a window on the wider world, offering unique opportunities to discover other traditions, cultures and political systems, and explore international arts and current affairs.
We offer French, German and Spanish to GCSE and A level. Latin is offered as a co-curriculum subject.


Head of Faculty

Madame Banks studied at Bordeaux III University where she obtained a Masters Degree in French Literature and Language before moving to the UK.
She completed her PGCE at The University of Manchester and teaches French, German and Latin.
She started at BGS as Head of MFL in 2015 and has since strived to share her love of language learning, foreign literature and international current affairs with all BGS pupils and students.
Madame Banks is also Head of French and Latin.

Staff List

Madame Banks - Head of the Languages Faculty, Head of French

Mr Boyd - Head of German

Miss Bonilla-Marti - Head of Spanish

Mrs Howard - MFL Teacher

Ms H Greene - Head of Careers & MFL Teacher

Miss Herbert - MFL Teacher

Mrs Taylor - Part Time Teacher of MFL

Mr Yates - Part Time MFL & Latin Teacher


Results and Success Stories

Languages students at BGS have had many university successes in the recent years, with students reading languages at Oxford, Durham, Sheffield and KCL.