Bury Grammar Schools

Maths Faculty

Mathematics is essential in all walks of life.
Whatever your final career choice, there is a high probability that there will be a requirement at some stage for an understanding of and the use of mathematics. As well as being an interesting and challenging subject in its own right, there are also strong links to other subjects such as Computer Science, Physics, Engineering and Economics.
At Bury Grammar School, we aim to develop an appreciation for the importance and functionality of mathematics, whilst also equipping pupils with the numerical skills to apply to both examinations and their futures. A successful and solid mathematical education which leaves pupils confident about mathematics is invaluable.


Head of Faculty

Mr O’Sullivan graduated from the University of Manchester and initially worked in insolvency and financial services.
He has been teaching mathematics (Years 7-13) for ten years, eight of which have been spent at Bury Grammar School, and he has been Head of the Mathematics Department in the Boys’ School for the last six years.
In 2018 he obtained the National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL).
He is passionate about enabling all pupils to feel confident in mathematics and ensuring that no-one at Bury Grammar ever feels that they ‘just can’t do maths’.

Staff List

Mr O'Sullivan - Head of Mathematics Faculty

Miss Newman - Deputy Head of Mathematics Faculty and KS5 coordinator

Dr Austin - KS4 coordinator

Ms Hughes - Teacher of Mathematics and KS3 Coordinator

Mr Dennis - Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Alldred - Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Rafsha - Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs Dowling - Teacher of Mathematics

Ms Adams - Teacher of Mathematics

Miss Barber - Teacher of Mathematics


Results and Success Stories

Results in the Mathematics Faculty are consistently strong. The vast majority of our students routinely achieve grades 7, 8 or 9 (A or A*) at GCSE.

At A Level, Mathematics students regularly progress to study some of the most challenging academic degrees available, Oxbridge or otherwise, following completion of their Mathematics and/or Further Mathematics A Level(s). Computer Science, Engineering, Physics and, of course, Mathematics degrees are options that many of our students have recently chosen to go on to study at university. However, the standard of challenge involved in both the Mathematics and Further Mathematics A Levels ensure that, whatever the choice of degree, our A Level students are well equipped for the future.