Bury Grammar Schools

Science Faculty

A glance at the news media today will tell you that the news is awash with Science.
From climate change to space exploration, Science is at the forefront of our daily lives and underpins almost everything we do. An understanding of Science is crucial to everyday life, not just for a potential career.

At Bury Grammar School, we don’t just teach the key facts, we develop a keen understanding of the scientific process which can be applied to situations outside traditional scientific fields.  Inspirational lessons develop a passion for Science and a thirst for knowledge beyond the classroom as pupils develop the skills needed to critically evaluate the world we live in and plan for the future possibilities of the world.
The aim of the Science Faculty is simple: to develop a love of Science and foster an independent approach to study which lasts well beyond a pupil’s years at school.


Head of Faculty

Mr Watts is a graduate of Molecular Cell Biology from University College London who has now been teaching at Bury Grammar school for twelve years.
In this time, he has taught a range of Science subjects, particularly Biology to all levels of the school.
He has also been heavily involved in the extra-curricular activities of the school, coaching Rugby, Basketball and Golf over his time here.
Mr Watts is fascinated by how life exists based on a series of small chemical reactions, which have huge impacts on how the whole world interacts.

Staff List

Mr Watts - Head of the Science Faculty

Miss Bailey - Head of Biology

Dr Garg - Head of Chemistry

Mr Curry - Head of Physics

Mr Cooper-Latham - Teacher of Biology

Mr Entwistle - Teacher of Biology

Dr Wong - Teacher of Chemistry

Mrs Yates - Teacher of Chemistry & Competitive Courses Coordinator

Mrs Lewis - Director of Studies, Teacher of Physics

Mr Ahmad - Teacher of Physics

Mrs Irwen - Teacher of Chemsitry/Physics

Mrs Nicholls - Part Time Teacher of Physics


Results and Success Stories

In recent years, students studying Science at Bury Grammar School have gone on to accept places for further study at Higher Education institutions including The University of Cambridge, The University of Oxford, The University of Nottingham, Durham University and Lancaster University.