At no time in history has the science of life been so visible and so important to the future of our planet. Newspapers, magazines and television feature Biology prominently every day.  
Biology is the study of life and living things and here at BGS the Biology Department encourages pupils to develop enquiring minds, personal, social and research skills in a caring and supportive environment.  The Biology Department aims to enable all students to acquire biological skills and knowledge and to provide opportunities for them to use these skills to undertake practical work and answer questions with confidence, enjoyment and success. Pupils are encouraged to think for themselves, to be inquisitive and ask questions and to be prepared to use their understanding to make ethical decisions. The style of teaching in the Biology Department is organised so that the pupils start with a solid understanding of and familiarity with basic terms and concepts and build upon this to improve their level of understanding. They are encouraged to recognise any difficulties of understanding as they arise and to ask for help in overcoming them. Practical based tasks are also set which require the planning of investigations and analysis of results.

Subject Curriculum

Head of Department

Miss Bailey graduated from the University of Leeds after studying Human Physiology and has been at BGS since 2013. An old girl of the school, Miss Bailey has returned to the school and been an integral part of the Biology department since she arrived.  As a keen advocate of the schools’ extracurricular activities, she has led some of the school’s D of E Award programmes and has taken part in World Challenge expeditions across the world. Her love of Biology stems from from an amazement of the diversity of life on Earth and how all this can be explained through an understanding of the underlying Biology.