Physics is an exciting subject exploring everything from the smallest particles to the whole universe and everything in between!  
It has led to great discoveries like computers and lasers, which in turn give us technologies which change our lives - from healing joints to curing cancer. As a fundamental science, knowledge of just a few of the basic concepts of Physics sheds light on many aspects of modern life and learning about them is an enriching experience.
The excellent facilities at BGS allow the teaching staff to provide lessons that appeal to all abilities and learning styles.  We aim to build on existing scientific ideas, challenging misconceptions and stimulating debate with practical work at the core of all topics delivered.  ICT is regularly utilised with the department and all pupils are encouraged to supplement their appreciation of the topics covered in the syllabus by working on one of the variety of support packages made available both in school and via the internet.

Subject Curriculum

Head of Department

As a graduate of Manchester University, Mr Curry joined Bury Grammar in 1992 following his PGCE at Leeds University.
Over his career at BGS he has taught all key stages in Physics and has run a regular Physics Clinic.
His interest in Physics lies rooted in the wide range of applications that discoveries in Physics can have in everyday life.