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The Careers Department

Whether as eminent medics, leading journalists, international sports stars, award-winning actors, renowned academics or dedicated public servants, it is fair to say that Bury Grammar School has proudly played a part in the success of so many ex-pupils and students who are making a difference to our society. The broad range of skills and talents that we have encountered in our pupils over the years have provided experience in a wide range of career routes, higher education courses and vocational options. Our Careers Department aims to ensure that pupils have accurate and up-to-date information to help them reach an informed decision, having considered a range of options. Pupils are given access to resources which enable them to explore and develop their career aspirations. Pupils and students from all year groups are welcome to visit the Careers office in the heart of the Sixth Form centre. Careers and options advice are part of life at Bury Grammar School from age 11 to age 18. Former students have progressed into a wide range of prestigious career routes, higher education courses and vocational options. Whichever field you are passionate about is the one we want to help you access!

Miss Greene


Ms H Greene, Head of Careers

Ms Greene is a member of the Career Development Institute and is a certified leader in Career Guidance and Development from the CDI. Before joining Bury Grammar Schools Ms Greene spent 10 years teaching in London and completed a NPQML at the Institute of Education with focus on scholarship.

Mrs r cahill, assistant Head of Careers

Mrs Cahill has taught English for 8 years and has experience working in a variety of roles. Most recently she has been a Head of House at a school in Trafford and is delighted to have joined the Careers Team here at Bury Grammar School.


Miss h thompson

After graduating with a Masters in Pharmacy from Durham University, Miss Thompson worked as a pharmacist for 3 years in both the community and hospital sector, specialising in respiratory medicine. In 2021, Miss Thompson completed a PGDE at Liverpool John Moores University before starting as a Teacher of Biology at Bury Grammar School and joining the Careers team.


Mr s brown

Mr Brown is an alumnus of the Universities of Edinburgh and Manchester and a teacher of English. Having spent time teaching in London, Mr Brown has relocated back to the North West and is excited to be working with the Careers Team to give Bury Grammar School pupils and students the best possible start to their adult lives.

Alongside the Careers department, pupils are provided with professional help, advice and guidance from:
• Form tutors
• Visiting admissions tutors from universities
• Speakers from a range of professions
• Our alumni – Bury Grammar pupils are in the fortunate position of having access to a vast number of former pupils with glittering careers in an array of different areas.
Sixth Form Careers