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Infant Curriculum

Our pupils are curious, creative, imaginative and adventurous!
Infants receive most of their teaching from their expert class teachers and are also taught by subject specialist staff for Music, Physical Education and swimming. Our small class sizes allow for plenty of teacher time which we find builds confidence in learning at this young age.
We recognise that happy pupils learn best and there is an important place for Personal, Social and Health Education. Our curriculum has a broad range of subjects to ensure our children make excellent progress and become resilient problem solvers. There is an emphasis on establishing excellent foundations in English and Mathematics to give our pupils the edge in all areas of their learning.
Every day in Infants is an adventure and is packed with fun and educational experiences. It is important to us that children develop enthusiasm for being at school and enjoy being with their friends surrounded by experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated teachers.
Our facilities are exceptional: purpose designed classrooms provide a wealth of resources enabling teaching staff to vary learning whether that be indoors or outdoors! Class sizes are carefully considered to support group and personalised learning, with a strong focus on developing sound skills for the future. 
Our children have many opportunities to continue their development of performance skills through assemblies, annual productions and concerts presented to parents, sporting activities and lots more. Teachers focus on nurturing well-rounded and happy children in close partnership with their parents - the home school partnership is important to us and enables our pupils to learn quickly and thrive.

''Even the youngest children display a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge and are keen to explore and experiment.''

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