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Kindergarten Curriculum

We believe that young children in our Kindergarten (Preschool/Nursery) learn best when they are highly motivated, inspired and challenged.  Our nursery is a hive of activity and our pupils cannot wait to learn! 


EYFS- Early Years Foundation Stage  

We are an experienced early years team who recognise that young minds are eager and ready to learn. Providing the right environment to stimulate and support children’s learning is essential, and we have the balance just right to shape healthy, active and enquiring minds!  

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a play-based curriculum from birth to five years, it allows the development of children to learn in a safe and secure environment, free from stereotyping, and provides challenge for young minds.   

Within the EYFS Framework practitioners provide activities and make assessment judgements based on the seven areas of learning: 3 Prime Areas and 4 Specific Areas. 

  • Communication and Language 

  • Physical Development 

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development 


  • Literacy 

  • Mathematics 

  • Understanding the World 

  • Expressive Arts and Design


Making Good Progress

Our nursery/preschool provides a wide range of stimulating, play based learning opportunities which nurture and challenge young, inquisitive minds, in a dynamic and purpose-built setting. We are equipped with high quality open-ended resources in our continuous provision, both indoor and outdoor. 

Your child will be assigned a key person whom they will form a good relationship with to ensure the best possible progress. It is important to us that your child will thrive and develop into a confident, self-assured individual, with a love of learning and a zest for life. 

Children learn through discovery, and thoughtfully structured play provides endless opportunities for them to find out about the world around them. Children can explore ‘real life’ situations through role play, dressing up, puppets and stories. They can create their own small worlds using a variety of toys brought alive by imagination. Painting, cutting, sticking and creating form an important part of Kindergarten (Preschool/Nursery) life. There are countless opportunities for exploring colours, patterns and shapes, as well as creating masterpieces to take home and share with the family.  


Assessment: Reallyschools 

Snapshots of achievements are recorded throughout the day and evidenced on our bespoke Learning Journey platform. Parents have access to their child’s Learning Journey and are encouraged to contribute, to provide a whole picture of academic and pastoral progress. This is evidenced against Early Learning Goals which conclude at the end of the EYFS period (usually the end of the child’s Reception year) recording a Good Level of Development (GLD). We work closely with our parents to ensure the most positive outcomes for our pupils.  



In addition to the exciting and far-reaching curriculum, Kindergarten (Preschool/Nursery) children have many opportunities to partake in enrichment activities including swimming, ballet, Rugbytots, Forests School and Physical Education, taught by specialists. The Kindergarten (Preschool/Nursery) is a hive of activity and an exciting place to learn!