Super Curriculum

Super Curriculum

At Bury Grammar School we aim to challenge and inspire our pupils to work hard, aim high, achieve their very best and develop their love of learning. Our Super Curriculum is designed to facilitate this by providing students with the opportunity to enhance their learning and develop depth and breadth of knowledge which extends beyond the usual curriculum. The Super Curriculum takes many forms including reading, watching videos online, downloading podcasts, attending lectures, engaging in debates or entering academic competitions.‚Äč 

Engaging with the Super Curriculum will not only allow pupils to develop a love of their favourite subjects, it will also inspire curiosity in areas they have not previously considered. Top universities seek to confirm a prospective student’s academic curiosity, genuine interest in and ongoing commitment to their subject through evidence of wider academic reading, personal exploration and independent research. The best way to demonstrate this is by participating in Super Curricular activities. 

Our Super Curriculum programme is designed for pupils in Years 7-13. On this page you can download a booklet which includes a range of activities in each subject for pupils in each key stage. Pupils are also offered the opportunity to take part in academic enrichment activities such as Debating Society, Oxbridge Maths Club or joining the Geographical Society. These are just a few examples, there are many other academic enrichment activities on offer. They can enter a variety of academic competitions such as the Rhys Davies Mock Law Trial, Young Enterprise, Public Speaking and various Maths and Science challenges to name a few.  They are also invited to attend lectures given by a subject specialist designed to stretch their knowledge beyond the confines of the curriculum. It is not only our teachers who deliver debates and lectures, our Year 12 students are also given the opportunity to deliver their own super curricular events to pupils in lower years. 

Education at Bury Grammar School is not limited to what is learnt in the classroom and there is something for everyone, no matter what their interests are, in our Super Curriculum Programme. 

Super Curriculum Subjects

Click a subject to view our range of activities we have to offer for pupils in each key stage:

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