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‘Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.’ Churchill

We believe that the study of History is central to the development of the whole person. An understanding of the past is an essential prerequisite to an appreciation of the present. ‘History’ is an umbrella term covering a wide range of aspects of the past: the political, social, economic, religious and cultural development of our society.

We believe that while the major figures and events of the past are of pivotal significance, we would be ill-advised to ignore the lives and experiences of ordinary people.

The study of History offers a significant contribution towards the intellectual and academic development of our pupils. We have a substantial role to play in the fostering of:
  • A spirit of enquiry and research
  • The development of ideas
  • The skills of evaluation
  • The promotion of objectivity and open-mindedness
Above all, we believe that History is to be enjoyed at school in the hope that we might stimulate an interest that will stay with our pupils throughout their lives.

Subject Curriculum

Key Stage 3

Year 7 consists of three components;
  1. Understanding the Middle Ages, 1000-1450
  2. Understanding the changing world, 1450- 1750
  3. Manchester through time
Year 8 consists of three components;
  1. Sugar, empire and slavery through time
  2. Understanding industry and empire, 1750- 1900
  3. Understanding the modern world, 1900 - present


Pupils study the AQA History course. Topics covered are The USA 1920-73, Conflict and Tension between East and West 1945-1972, ‘Health and the people c. 1000 to the present day’ and Restoration England 1660- 1685. Pupils take two written papers at the end of the course, each lasting 1 hour 45 minutes. There is no Controlled Assessment component.

A Level

Students study the AQA A-Level course, which consists of three components.
  1. Component 1 - Tudor England 1485- 1603
  2. Component 2 - Germany 1918- 45
  3. Component 3 - A personal study of around 3500 words on a topic connected with either Russia and the USSR 1855-1955 or Britain and Ireland 1798-1921
It is examined by completing two written papers of 2 hours 30 minutes at the end of the second year of the course together with the submission of the Historical Investigation, marked by teachers and moderated by AQA. The written papers are each worth 40% of the total A-Level marks and the coursework 20%.

Head of Department

Miss Halstead studied History and Politics at the University of Sheffield. She later completed a PGCE at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Prior to joining Bury Grammar School in 2018, she taught at Little Lever School.
She teaches History throughout the school and Politics in the Sixth Form.
She runs the school Horrible Histories Club, assists on the annual tour to the battlefields of Western Europe and has organized many other school visits, including a visit to the Terracotta Warrior Exhibition in Liverpool.