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“Un lenguaje nuevo es una vida nueva” A new language is a new life.
According to most estimates, Spanish is the mother tongue of more than 400 million people around the globe, which equates to approximately six percent of the world’s population. It is a valuable language to know when doing business with Spanish or Latin American firms, and a great way to improve your career prospects. BGS lessons aim to inspire students by using authentic resources and exploring Spanish cinematography and literature.

Subject Curriculum

Key Stage 3

In Year 8, pupils choose German or Spanish as an additional language alongside their French studies. They develop their understanding of grammar and language structure. They study topics such as personal information, school and local area. They are exposed to authentic resources and taught by specialist staff.


Students at BGS choose at least one language for GCSE with many keen linguists deciding to study two. They have the opportunity to develop further their understanding of different cultures and study topics that are relevant to our current society, such as environmental issues and the world of work. Whist preparing for the AQA GCSE, they have regular contact with our Foreign Language Assistant who helps them gain confidence in their spoken skills. They become confident communicators and are able to express personal opinions assertively.  They are exposed to Literature and discuss different traditions and customs from the studied countries.

A Level

At A Level, students manipulate sophisticated language that enable them to approach literature and filmography. Students read newspaper articles weekly and listen to podcasts in the chosen language. They soon become confident linguists who can converse in the target language about current affairs. They attend a film conference at Home in Manchester that reinforces their understanding of film analysis. At BGS, specialist staff give our students the best access to authentic resources; the discussions and skills that ensue are transferrable to most University subjects.

In each language, students study all the following on which the AQA assessments are based:
  • Aspects of Spanish-speaking society: current trends and issues
  • Artistic culture in the Spanish-speaking world
  • Aspects of political life in the Spanish-speaking world
  • One text and one film 
  • Individual research project

Head of Department

Mrs Bonilla-Marti is an honours graduate in English Philology from Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha and did her postgraduate degree at The University of Manchester.

She arrived at Bury Grammar School in 2003 and was in charge of introducing Spanish into the curriculum.

She has organised many trips to Spain including exciting visits to Madrid.

She is currently teaching Spanish and French.