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Economics is an exciting and relevant discipline which equips students with many transferable skills through the completion of interesting and varied tasks both in and out of the classroom.
Economics enables students to develop an analytical approach to problem solving which helps in understanding a wide range of issues, as diverse factors which determine the price of an iPhone to the causes and consequences of UK structural unemployment. Economics is the discipline that opens our eyes to the workings of the world in which we live and in which students will eventually work.

Subject Curriculum

A Level

AQA A Level Economics is broadly split into two parts:

In Microeconomics, students will use models such as demand and supply to explain how markets work and why they might fail, analysing possible government policies which attempt to correct such market failures. Other key models relate to wage determination and causes of inequalities in the distribution of income and wealth. Traditional economic theory generally assumes that economic agents act rationally but there is a growing belief that this is not necassarily the case; the alternative view is covered by a new and exciting branch of economics; 'Behavioural Economics', which our students will also get a chance to study. 

In Macroeconomics, students look at the developments in the UK's economic performance over the past fifteen years and compare this with other European and Global economies. Furthermore, they will learn how to analyse and evaluate macro economic policies aims to solve macroeconomic problems such as inflation, unemployment and recession- issues you will hear mentioned daily in the news! 

Both microeconomics and macroeconomics require an interest in current affairs (get that BBC news app downloaded now!)

Head of Department

Mr Parkinson came to Bury Grammar School in 2008 as Head of Economics and Business.
He has a background in both Sixth Form colleges and schools having taught up to A Level Standard for 29 Years.
Having graduated from Manchester Polytechnic in 1989 Neil has gone on to develop extensive experience as a senior examiner in Economics.
Neil is passionate about Economics and has organised many visits and activities to inspire students at Bury Grammar School onto further study, including successful entries into the Bank of England Monetary Policy competition, a seminar programme, visits to universities and student conferences.
Having been a former Head of Sixth Form at Bury Grammar School, Neil has prepared hundreds of students for degree applications and beyond through his extensive knowledge of the UCAS process.