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Scholarships & Bursaries at BGS

The Bursary application process for Year 7 pupils and Year 12 students entering in September 2023 is now open. The Bursary application process for Year 7 pupils and Year 12 students entering in September 2024 will open in the Summer of 2023.

For those families who are interested in a Year 7 or Year 12 bursary at Bury Grammar School the information below and on the other Bursary pages on our website is relevant at all times and we would encourage families to read all the information before applying for a bursary.

Bursaries are means tested awards given to pupils who perform extremely well in all areas of the entrance exam including the interview. Bursaries are awarded prior to the start of either Year 7 or Year 12.

Scholarships are a prestigious recognition of a pupil's ability and potential in and enthusiasm for a particular academic discipline or enrichment activity and at Bury Grammar School they are an award made to the pupil rather than a contribution towards the fees. For further information please see the Scholarships Section below. 


The Governors of Bury Grammar School are committed to broadening access to our School by offering to eligible parents/guardians means-tested financial support towards school fees. Such support is known as a bursary and bursaries may cover up to 100% of school fees payable, depending on the financial circumstances of applicants. 

The aim of the bursary scheme is to provide fee assistance, as far as is possible, to ensure that academically gifted pupils are able to attend Bury Grammar School regardless of their financial circumstances.  A bursary is an award based on academic merit and financial need. It is a sum of money provided by the school to help you pay the fees. The value of a bursary is related to applicants’ household income and financial resources. Parents with a household income of less than circa £20,000 may be offered a full bursary and those families whose household income exceeds circa £75,000 are unlikely to qualify for assistance. 

The School offers a number of means tested bursaries each year. These are awarded to pupils entering the Senior School either in Year 7 or in the Sixth Form at Year 12. No bursaries are provided to pupils in the Junior Schools, or those who wish to enter the Senior School at any other point than Year 7.  Year 7 Bursary applicants must sit the entrance exam.

The demand for bursaries at Bury Grammar School is high and the School has a limited amount of available funding. This inevitably means that some applications will be unsuccessful. Bursary awards are offered at the discretion of the Governing Body of the Bury Grammar School. The Director of Finance is responsible for the management and co-ordination of the Bursary Scheme.

'' Achieving a bursary at BGS opened new doors and horizons for me, not just educationally but socially and economically too. I am the first in my family to gain a degree and this was something that was not even spoken about as a possibility at home. My family background was "different" to the normal stereotype but I was embraced into the BGS family right from the start of Year 7 and I felt as if I had come home. This was where I should be; I was encased in a sense of belonging. There was no stigma, just a genuine feeling of pride at having been given such an accolade. All I wanted to do was to show everyone that with a little financial support I could fly. I did. Thank you isn't enough. I wouldn't be me without the bursary support. ''

Mrs R Hankinson, BGS Junior School Teacher


Bury Grammar Schools is pleased to offer a number of Scholarships in a number of fields aimed at recognising gifted and talented pupils.  Scholarships are offered to pupils entering the Senior Schools and students entering the Sixth Form.

Scholarships are awarded to encourage pupils to develop their particular talent and to play a leading role inspiring younger children in the same field.  Whilst BGS Scholarships do carry a small monetary value that is given to the pupil, their true purpose is to recognise excellence and they are not a means of fee-assistance. Our Scholarships are awarded to pupils who we feel have the potential to excel and play a leading role in school.