Senior School & Sixth Form: £3,664 per term  

Infants & Juniors: £2,731 per term

These fees include before and after school care and clubs.

Fees are invoiced to parents termly at the beginning of each term, September, January and April. Fees are payable by Direct Debit and may be paid either termly or over 9 or 11 or 12 months. Further details on this scheme are available from the Bursar's office by calling 0161 696 8600.

The cost of optional extras, e.g. School Coach transport and Infant School meals, are also invoiced on a termly basis.

Private music lessons by visiting peripatetic music teachers are invoiced by those teachers direct to parents.

Fees are reviewed annually and parents notified in advance of any increase.

kindergarten fees & funding

We appreciate that our families lead very busy lives and we are here to help them. We offer a range of flexible options for our Kindergarten children to suit every lifestyle. Parents can choose full or part time places, and we offer 30 funded hours for 3 to 4 year olds under the Government Scheme.

Parents who qualify for 30 funded hours can choose full or part time places under our All Inclusive Package or our Flexi Term Time Package. Our All Inclusive Package provides a place for your child for 51 weeks of the year. Under our Flexi Term Time Package, your child attends Kindergarten during each of our three academic terms with the option of joining our Holiday Club for any amount of days or weeks during the school holidays.

Click here to see further information on the Government website

For those who do not qualify for 30 funded hours, we continue to offer 15 funded hours and both full time and part time options are available under this scheme.

With so many options for full and part time places, term time only or for 51 weeks of the year, we aim to be as flexible as possible to support our families who all lead different, busy lives. Please click on the links to see a cost breakdown of the various options in our Kindergarten.


Fees; Additional Information

Fees In Advance Scheme

Bury Grammar School offers a Fees in Advance Scheme where parents or grandparents can pay a lump sum towards their child's education. This method of payment attracts a commutation (discount) of 3%.
Further details of this method of payment are available from The Bursar's office. Please call 0161 696 8600 and select the Bursar’s Office option.

Grandparent Trusts

If you have the ability to offer a lump sum gift towards your grandchildren’s school fees, then setting up a trust for paying school fees might be a consideration as there are substantial tax benefits. 

A trust allows you to 'gift' money to your chosen beneficiaries, e.g. grandchildren for their education, but still retain some control. Importantly you will not be subject to an immediate tax bill, and as long as you are still alive in seven years' time, the money will not be included in your estate for inheritance tax.

That’s why more and more grandparents are choosing to contribute towards school fees. An investment of this kind means grandparents aren’t giving away lifetime earnings in inheritance tax but instead are investing in their grandchildren’s future.

Grandparents can:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Give up to £3,000 per year free of inheritance tax
Also make regular school fee payments from their income and these will immediately be removed from their inheritance tax liability, provided the gift comes from surplus income and does not reduce their standard of living
Also make school fee payments as gifts from their capital. In this situation the gifts would be regarded as a potentially exempt transfer (PET) and would be free from inheritance tax after seven years.
Please contact an independent financial advisor for additional information on tax planning and how you can help give your grandchildren the gift of education.

Local Education Authority Early Years Funding

Bury Grammar School participates in the Early Education and Childcare (EEC) funding scheme for 3 to 4 year olds and works with the Local Authority in its administration.

EEC is available to all pupils in Fledglings, Cygnets and Reception, for all or part of the School year depending on age.

Reduction in the School’s fees by the funding is subject to the scheme’s rules and the continuation nationally of this funding for 3 and 4 year olds.  This means that at any time funding may not be available.

Each ‘funding year’ runs from April to March and is not concurrent with the School year.  Changes to the scheme may therefore be implemented part way through the School year.

The outline of the funding is as follows:

  • Please note that the School does not offer the free entitlement on a standalone basis. Bury Grammar School is a fee paying school and the EEC scheme reduces the fee payable on a termly basis. This means that parents who only wish to access free entitlement cannot send their children to Bury Grammar School but will be able to access the free entitlement through other providers in the borough.The entitlement is currently 15 hours per week;
  • As the number of weeks in each term varies, the amount of funding varies each term, so that the fees payable each term will vary;
  • The School operates on a 34 week year.  Funding is available for 38 weeks and parents can access their remaining entitlement with other providers if they wish to do so.

Childcare Vouchers

Bury Grammar School accepts childcare vouchers for the following:

Fledglings & Cygnets:  Tuition fees including Breakfast & After School Club and Holiday Club.

Reception:  Breakfast & After School Club and Holiday Club.

We are registered with a number of providers and are willing to consider registering with other companies.

Any payment of fees by vouchers is subject to the provision of the parent contract, in that fees must be paid by direct debit.

Parents wishing to use childcare vouchers are asked to make arrangements with the Bursar’s Office in advance by calling 0161 696 8600 or bursarsinfo@burygrammar.com.

School lunches, Music Tuition & Optional Extras

School Lunches

Payment in advance for school lunches only applies to pupils in our Infant and Nursery School. For all other pupils we operate a cashless catering system that is linked to Parent Pay.

The standard daily lunch charge is currently £3.00 for Seniors and £2.80 for Infants and Juniors, but pupils may select from a wide range of individually priced healthy eating options and can therefore spend more or less if they wish. Prices are reviewed annually.

School lunches are not compulsory but packed lunches should be eaten in the Dining Hall.

The School also offers a wide selection of breakfast items to our Senior School pupils each day.  All breakfast items are priced individually through the cashless catering system.  Breakfast is not compulsory.

Music Tuition

Senior & Junior School music lessons: £14.25 per half hour lesson (paid directly to the peripatetic staff).

Infant School music lessons: £9.50 per half hour shared lesson. £9.50 per twenty-minute private lesson.

Educational Visits

In conjuction with our pupils' learning, school trips occur at points within the academic year.  These will incur an additional fee, however we are committed to keeping costs to parents to a minimum.

We also offer a programme of enrichment trips, both in the UK and abroad, these are, however, entirely optional

Wrap Around Care (Breakfast & After School Club)

For Infants and Junior pupils, the charges for 2019/20 are:

Breakfast Club - 7.30am - 8am - £4.75

After School Club - up to 4pm free of charge; 4-5pm £4.65; 5-6pm additional £3.00.

For Senior School pupils - after school provision is open until 5.30pm each school day and is free of charge.