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Senior Schools Admissions

Bury Grammar School Senior School Admissions
Bury Grammar School Senior School Admissions
Bury Grammar School Senior School Admissions
Bury Grammar School Senior School Admissions
Bury Grammar School Senior School Admissions
Bury Grammar School Senior School Admissions
Bury Grammar School Senior School Admissions
Bury Grammar School Senior School Admissions

Entry into our Senior Schools is highly competitive, with around half of our pupils coming from BGS Junior Schools at Year 7 and around half from other schools.

This makes for the perfect mix of pupils from different backgrounds, all of whom have one very important thing in common: a thirst for learning. We understand that pupils joining us from other schools will have had different learning experiences as juniors and we are looking for potential as well as the ability to thrive within the fast-paced learning environment of our Senior Schools.

Pupils have already begun applying for a Year 7 place at Bury Grammar School for entry in September 2021. We are proving to be a school which more and more families are choosing for their children and pupil roll has grown considerably in the last few years.

To apply for your Year 7 place in our Senior Schools please complete an Application Form.

Our 11+ admissions process always begins in September for entry into school the following September. This enables us to successfully accommodate the applications and assessments of all potential pupils. This year, however, the process will be a little different, owing to the restrictions presented by Covid 19.

Pupils applying for admission to join Bury Grammar Senior School for September 2021 will follow a process which has been adapted in view of the risks posed by the current pandemic.

Rather than sit an entrance exam alongside numerous other 10-year olds in school, applicants will be asked to complete two written assignments at home which they will then discuss with senior teachers at interview. Top universities have traditionally adopted not dissimilar approaches as they have assessed candidates’ thinking skills in vivas. Given our approach to educating the whole person, there will also be plenty of opportunities for pupils and families to get to know each other during the admissions process.

While it would, in a normal year, be our preference to hold an examination, we believe it would be unwise to continue to plan to invite hundreds of external pupils into School next January. As ever, the safety of our pupils – both current and future – is our top priority. We simply cannot give guarantees at the time of writing that it will be safe to hold a public exam in just a few months’ time and we are keen to give families certainty at a time of much uncertainty.

Please read our Admissions to Bury Grammar School Booklet for more detailed information and the bullet points below for an outline of the process.

  • Academic assignment.  Each candidate will be asked to complete an independent piece of written work chosen from a number of academic titles set by the School. Parents will be asked to verify this is the candidate’s own work and the candidate will be asked about the written piece at the interview stage.
  • Essay. Candidates will be asked to write a piece about themselves, their interests and their ambitions.
  • Academic levels of attainment - as submitted by the candidate’s current teacher(s). These may be predicted SATs grades for candidates applying from state primary schools or alternative equivalent levels of attainment.
  • Reference. This would be a reference from the candidate’s primary school, focusing on their attitude to learning, aptitude, character and suitability for a grammar school education.
  • Pupil’s school report. We will be asking for a copy of the candidate’s last full school report.
  • Interview between the candidate and a Senior Teacher, during which the academic assessment will be discussed. The candidate will also be invited to bring along any recent work of which they are proud and to talk through with us their aims and ambitions for the future.
  • Meeting between the candidate’s parents and a Senior Teacher to discuss parents’ approach to education and their aspirations for their child’s future.   

N.B. Should the circumstances at the time not allow for a face-to-face meeting, then the interview and meeting may take place via Zoom, Teams or the telephone.


The table below gives some helpful key dates.

Stage 1


Submission of application, academic assessment and essay

By 21 December 2020

Invitation to interview sent out, if successful at Stage 1

Stage 2

January and February 2021

Interviews with candidate and meetings with parents

Stage 3

22 February 2021

Offers made

4 March 2021

Deadline for acceptance of place





Families should be assured of a number of important points:

  • Bury Grammar School’s standards remain extremely high as a leading grammar school and we would not want to admit pupils to the School who would not enjoy the rapid pace of learning;
  • It is very important to us - and we know the same will be true for our families - that the admissions process is thorough and fair;
  • Safety is always our number one priority and we aim, at a challenging time, to anticipate issues and have the confidence to act decisively when circumstances mean a flexible approach is needed; 
  • While our standards are high, this does not mean we are unfriendly or unapproachable! We want families to enjoy the admissions process as much as possible and we are aware we are working with impressionable young people with hopes and dreams who want the opportunity to show us their best.

If you would like to arrange a visit or require any further information, our Admissions Team will be happy to hear from you. Please contact the Admissions Team on 0161 696 8600 or register your interest by filling out the Enquiry Form.

For details about our Senior School bursaries and scholarships please click here.

''We have been astounded by just how quickly our son has settled into Senior School at BGS.  The support he has received from the staff, and the school as a whole has been incredible.  He was apprehensive about starting a new school but in the first few months he has made so many new friends and had so many opportunities to try new things.''

Year 7 Parent

''BGS is like one big family. I really feel I can be myself. Studying in Senior School has definitely made me more enthusiastic about learning, developing new skills and meeting new people. Coming to BGS Senior School was the best decision I’ve ever made.''

Year 10 Pupil

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