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Senior School Admissions

Entry into our Senior Schools is highly competitive, with around 40% of our pupils coming from BGS Junior Schools at Year 7 and around 60% from other schools. We are always significantly oversubscribed. 

This makes for the perfect mix of pupils from different backgrounds, all of whom have one very important thing in common: a thirst for learning. We understand that pupils joining us from other schools will have had different learning experiences as juniors and we are looking for potential as well as the ability to thrive within the fast-paced learning environment of our Senior Schools. 

Pupil applications are well under way for a Year 7 place at Bury Grammar School for entry in September 2022. We are proving to be a school which more and more families are choosing for their children and pupil roll has grown considerably in the last few years. 

Putting pupils first    

 The 11+ entrance examination is replaced by academic assignments  

Bury Grammar School is a pupil-centred school which always aims for the highest standards. Given the difficulty of predicting what the public health situation might be like in January (when the entrance exam had been due to take place), the significant increase in the number of 11+ applicants we have this year,  and our wish to give families certainty about the path our admissions procedures will take in the New Year, we have taken the decision not to run the 11+ entrance exam, but to replace it with assessments to be completed at home.  

This was the approach taken very successfully at BGS last year.

What do pupils need to do now? 

Each pupil is asked to submit: 

  • an academic assignment based on the titles provided; 

  • an essay about themselves. 

What will happen after this? 

Those pupils who reach the requisite high standards in their assignments will be invited to attend  an interview. Parents will be invited to meet with a senior member of staff in school at the same time. 

What will selection be based upon? 

Selection will be based on:  

  • the assignments submitted 

  • primary school references and grades  

  • pupil interviews  

  • parents' meetings with senior staff 

  • pupil potential and likelihood of them thriving in our School. 

How was this process received last year? 

This approach was extremely successful last year. 

  • Families reported finding it a positive experience and a helpful way to get to know more about Bury Grammar School. 

  • The pupils admitted into Year 7 were a very bright cohort, in keeping with BGS’ high standards.  

What happens next? 

The assignment titles are available from the School and have been sent to families who have already applied to BGS. 

Each pupil now has a month to complete their work.  

Certainty about the way forward 

We hope that it is helpful to be giving you this clarity about the way ahead. 

While we enjoy having pupils in school, no-one could, with absolute certainty, predict at the time of writing that it will be possible to bring pupils together in large numbers next January.  

Other opportunities to visit BGS  

We have very much enjoyed hosting your children at our  Open Events, Taster Days, and Stars events this Autumn Term. Getting to know them has been a real delight and we are pleased to have had this opportunity.  

We will certainly aim to give prospective pupils further experiences of coming in to Bury Grammar School in the coming months as they prepare for an exciting period in their futures. 

Find out more 

Please find a document below explaining more about this process and addressing frequently asked questions: 

Admissions to Bury Grammar School Booklet.

Hear from our Principal, Mrs Jo Anderson as she tells you more about Bury Grammar School:

What makes BGS unique?

If you need any help or have any questions 

We very much look forward to receiving your child's assignments and are very happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Please contact our Admissions Team on 0161 696 8600 or 

To apply for your Year 7 place in our Senior Schools, and to be kept updated with the application process,  please complete an Application Form


Key Dates

Here are some important dates for your diary:

Transition Timeline 2022

If you would like to arrange a visit, or require any further information, our Admissions Team will be happy to hear from you. Please contact the Admissions Team on 0161 696 8600 (1) or register your interest by filling out the Enquiry Form.

For details about our Senior School bursaries and scholarships please click here.

''We have been astounded by just how quickly our son has settled into Senior School at BGS.  The support he has received from the staff, and the school as a whole has been incredible.  He was apprehensive about starting a new school but in the first few months he has made so many new friends and had so many opportunities to try new things.''

Year 7 Parent

''BGS is like one big family. I really feel I can be myself. Studying in Senior School has definitely made me more enthusiastic about learning, developing new skills and meeting new people. Coming to BGS Senior School was the best decision I’ve ever made.''

Year 10 Pupil

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