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BGS Podcast

Bury Grammar School is proud to deliver the BGS-Podcast.

These podcasts are series of weekly audio memories, anecdotes, motivational and personal stories from our community. These inspirational snap-shots are designed to boost morale and encourage conversations between families about well-being and a fundamental sense of self. 

Please listen to our BGS podcasts below. Enjoy!


Mrs Rachel Newbold, (Deputy Head Pastoral ‑ Senior Girls, Teacher of PE), Child Mental Health, It's Good to Talk

5th October 2021


Mrs Maggie Eady, (Head of Year 10 (Senior Girls), Teacher of Physical Education), My Sporting Life

12th August 2020



Mr Martyn Andrews, (Deputy Director of Sport), My Sporting Life

5th August 2020


Mrs Phillipa Procter, (Teacher of Physical Education), My Sporting Life

8th July 2020


Mr Owain Griffiths, (Head of House - Senior Boys and Teacher of Physical Education), My Sporting Life
1st July 2020


Mr Rachel Newbold, (Deputy Head Pastoral - Senior Girls & Director of Sport), My Sporting Life
24th June 2020


Mrs Jo Anderson, (Principal), 21

17th June 2020
Mrs Rachel Britton, (Director of Music), Thinking Out Loud
10th June 2020
Mrs Rachel Newbold, (Deputy Head and Director of Sport) The Power of Sport - Memories Beyond the Final Whistle
3rd June 2020


Mrs Kate Kershaw, (Head of Creative and Performing Arts), Portrait Painting
27th May 2020


Miss Jenny Downing, (Director of Music, Senior and Junior Boys) For The Love of Music
20th May 2020


Miss Sarah Hughes, (PA to Pastoral and Extra Curricular Team) A Healthy Mind
13th May 2020


Dylan Buckley (Current Pupil, Year 13), What BGS Means to Me
5th May 2020


Mr Mark Hone (History and Politics Teacher), The Clavian in 1945
A beautiful and humorous piece from ‘The Clavian’ in 1945 - as the country celebrated VE Day and Founders’ Day.
5th May 2020


Mr Alan Dennis, (Deputy Head Operations, Teacher of Mathematics), Memories on the Road
28th April 2020


Mr Dave Newbury, (Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of Geography and Business Studies, CCF Contingent Commander), Worrying About Worry
22nd Aril 2020
Mrs Kerry Lynch, (Head of English Literature), For the Love of Books
15th April 2020