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reflect project

At BGS we strongly believed that art brings people together, and certainly at our school, it unites us as a family of schools.  

There has never been a more poignant time where we should take stock of what we are truly grateful for in life. These past 12 months of the global pandemic has made every single one of us realise what is most important to us.  

This March 2021, we are launching the Whole-School initiative titled Reflect and this project lends a shared experience to all pupils and staff at Bury Grammar School. Every member of our community will receive a wooden mirrored marker which was designed and produced in-house. We are asking pupils and staff to write their reflections of gratitude onto the wooden marker, which will then be displayed amongst the 450 daffodils which were planted in the Autumn.

Imagine the scene when everything is in full bloom and hundreds of personal reflections will be displayed humbly in front of the BGS Stone of Remembrance which is to commemorate all lives lost at war from within our School community. 


We invite you stop for a moment, watch our video and REFLECT.  

What are you grateful for?

Making the wooden markers