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Remembrance 21 – commemorating the fallen and celebrating partnerships

Over recent years, Bury Grammar School has been proud to nurture strong partnerships with our local community. Indeed, one of our school aims is of course Partnership - along with Scholarship, Character and Enrichment.

11th November. Remembrance Day. A day when the whole nation stands together as one to remember and commemorate all who have lost their lives at war.

As ever, BGS plays a significant role in remembering our own fallen – commemorating our Old Boys and Old Girls. It is moving to note how many of our community appreciate the importance of what our formers pupils did and are keen to acknowledge what they mean to us and what they have sacrificed. The School has lost many former pupils in conflict - not only in the First and Second World Wars - but also in the 2nd Afghan war, the Metabeeli war, the 2nd Boer war and the Indonesian confrontation... sadly, there are too many.

As well as our commemorations of remembrance within School, this year Bury Grammar School is enormously proud to have been working in partnership with Bury Council and the Lancashire Fusiliers Museum launching a new art installation titled Remembrance 21… or R21 as it has come to be called. This public art installation commemorates 5,431 lives lost in WWI and WWII from the Lancashire Fusiliers – a regiment that is personal and significant to Bury Grammar School.

This project has been 18 months in the making and consisted of a large team of dedicated people who worked in partnership together, sharing their expertise and playing their part in making this moving and powerful project a success. R21 saw a town come together movingly at 11 am today.

There has never been a more poignant time to come together. The last 18 months have been challenging for everyone, and as a school we have dealt with such challenges together as one - as a family… in partnership. And, like other families, we have celebrated, looked back, looked forward, had different experiences but always united in the end.

It was an absolute honour to see the R21 project launched today. Arts and Culture at Bury Grammar School play a significant part in the development of our young generation. It is projects like this one that encourage teamwork and empathy for others.

Thank you once again to everyone who facilitated this art installation happen: Col. Brian Gorski and his team at the Fusilier Museum, Gini Wilde and her team and contacts at Bury Council for support in funding this installation, Chris at GJ Plastics in Bury for their dedicated and swift production of the 540 Perspex silhouettes and… as ever to the R21 Team at BGS. It has been a pleasure to work with all of you.

I hope we have done this project justice and if every fallen soldier could see what we have done, I hope they’d be immensely proud.


Thank you to Miss K A Gore, Director of Arts & Culture, for this article.

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