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BGS is proud to be an Eco School! Bury Grammar School Pupils, aged 3-18 years, believe passionately in promoting and taking action to improve the environment. 

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Independent Schools of the Year 2019: The Green Award for Environmental Achievement

Four and a half centuries of education demonstrate that we know a thing or two about sustainability.

As we turn to look towards our future, we are faced with an ever more uncertain and changing world.  A world that we absolutely want to be part of in another 450 years.  Therefore, we made a promise to commit to a more environmentally sound way of life.  A promise that would see us overhaul our School’s infrastructure.  A promise, as guardians of such an important institution, to protect our School for generations to come. 

We sought to understand how addressing our environmental impacts could actively help with the challenges of running a modern school and a large estate.  In 2018 we began our Eco Schools journey and appointed an Eco Co-ordinator, supported by pupils and staff in volunteering roles.  Our drive to improve our credentials was not something we imposed on pupils and staff; we were determined to meet our goals through engagement and creativity.  In doing that we also knew that we would create a legacy of environmentally conscious pupils, determined to address issues beyond just what we could do in School.  Capturing the hearts and minds of our pupils was key to ensuring that our approach was more than just ticking a box. 
Bury Grammar School ECO schools
Bury Grammar School ECO schools
Bury Grammar School ECO schools
Bury Grammar School ECO schools
Bury Grammar School ECO schools

We were delighted to achieve the top Eco Schools Award – the Green Flag Award earlier this year. Thank you to everyone involved!

This of course reinforces our credentials as an Eco School after we won the Independent Schools of the Year Green Award for Environmental Achievement back in 2019. 

Bury Grammar School may be a School steeped in history and tradition.  It may be a School in which we celebrate and promote good old-fashioned values and morals.  It may be a School that is unashamedly proud of its 450-year-old roots.  But make no doubt about it, we are not a School stuck in the past.  We are very much a progressive, innovative and gumptious establishment who now wears its Eco Award with pride. 



A pupil led Eco Committee was established


Environmental Review and Action Plans put in place and the topics of energy, litter and waste were chosen by the pupils


A weekly Eco Club was set up which is open to all Senior School pupils and each Term pupils from the Eco Committee present their ideas and achievements to the Eco Board

December 2018

Achieved Eco School Bronze award


Spring 2019

Awarded the Independent Schools of the Year Green Award for Environmental Achievement


October 2019

Achieved Silver Eco School


December 2020

Achieved the top Eco School Award - The Green Flag Award



We are determined to continue our good work and we will be focusing on pollinators this year



Jane Stevens, Director of Finance, says:

"I am delighted that our hard work over the past 3 years has been recognised and that we've achieved the prestigious Eco Schools Green Flag Award.  It’s been a true team effort with contributions from pupils and staff from every area of BGS.”   


Planted 700 Trees

Worked with the Environment Agency to plant 700 trees and hedgerow plants around our estate

Impact - when fully grown these trees will absorb 14,700 tonnes of C02 per year

Changed waste supplier

All our waste is sorted at the supplier’s depot; 100% of our waste is recycled in the UK

Green Energy

The school switched to Green Energy

Impact - our investment in energy saving equipment and by working together to save energy we've reduced our electricity consumption by 16% per annum

​​​​​​'Go Eco in the Canteen' project

Switched to compostable single use cutlery, eco packaging for salads and sandwiches, paper drinking cups and no plastic drinking bottles

Impact - 250,000 less pieces of single use plastic in 12 months!

LED Lighting

Started to replaced lighting to LED motion sensor activated lights

Energy Consumption Software

Installed software to measure and monitor energy consumption in each part of the school

Forest School 

Established a Forest School

New Boilers

Replacement of old inefficient boilers with new efficient ones with building management systems (BMS) on new boilers to improve the efficiency

Leaf Mould Compost Heap

A leaf mould compost heap was established with the help of the Infant school children

Garden & Wildlife Area

In our School gardens, pupils have made planters from recycled plastic bottles and have planted vegetables and flowers to for insects and we’ve got several bug hotels! 

New Printers

Installed new printers that are more energy efficient. Software also measures individual usage

Food Waste Recycling

100% of our kitchen food waste is collected by a specialist local contractor who converts food waste into bio-fertiliser (used in organic farming) and green energy. None of our kitchen food waste goes to landfill.

ProjectS to start in Spring 2022

'No Mow'

In 2021/22 we will be looking to attract pollinators and other wildlife to our grounds by planting wild flowers and having areas of "no mow"

Eco Schools News

Bug Hotel - May 2022

The BGS garden has a new bug hotel!

Built from pallets left over from school deliveries and put into place by the Year 10 Eco Committee, it has been filled with spare wood from the garden restoration and offcuts from the CDT department, along with a specially made sign.

We hope to see lots of bugs using the hotel soon!


Kindergarten upcycled car - May 2022

Kindergarten pupils have been enjoying their new upcycled outdoor car.



Infant School - Glove Greenhouse

March 2022

In Infant school this week, we have been making a ‘Glove Greenhouse’. We have planted Nasturtium, Broad beans, Marigold, Cornflower and Pea seeds. Year 2 Green are going to hang their Glove Greenhouses on the windows to see if they grow differently to the ones in the corridor.

Science Week – Hydroponics Station

March 2022

Agriculture is one of the oldest professions in human history and over time new techniques have been utilized to improve farming. This week in science lessons BGS seniors were introduced to Hydroponics, a form of horticulture that involves growing plants, usually crops, without soil, by using water and mineral nutrients.

BGS pupils learned that this method of farming crops will increase food production around the world by allowing farmers to grow thousands of plants in small spaces. 



The Queen's Green Canopy - March 2022

We were delighted to receive 10 saplings from "The Queen's Green Canopy" project, an initiative set up to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in 2022 which invites organisations from across the UK to “Plant a Tree for the Jubilee”.

The saplings will be planted around our estate by staff and pupils. The photo shows some of our Eco Committee pupils with the saplings.


KS4 Eco Committee Commendations

February 2022

The KS4 Eco Committee have been carrying out some great work in the BGS garden and have recently been awarded commendations for their eco work.

They have some great ideas going forwarded on how to increase biodiversity around the school grounds, alongside their continued work in the garden.



Eco Schools Meeting

31st January 2022

On 31st January 2022 we held our BGS Eco Committee meeting which was attended by over 50 pupils, staff and visitors, which in itself was an achievement -  when we started 4 years ago there were 3 of us at the meeting!




We were delighted to welcome  representatives from several areas of our BGS community - the Chair of the Old Girls’ Association, a Governor & parent, as well as representatives from Communitree Forest School and our neighbours the East Lancashire Railway and St Gabriel’s RC High School.  The meeting was introduced by Mrs Jane Stevens, Director of Finance.

Our Year 6 Eco Warriors and Year 10 Eco Committee gave presentations, showing their eco journey so far and ideas going forward. Pupils are working towards the renewal of the Eco-Schools Green Flag award and this year’s topics are Biodiversity, Energy and Litter.

Communitree, who run our afterschool forest school and holiday camps, gave a presentation showing their work in the community including child-led play, tree planting and sustainability initiatives.  The East Lancashire Railway presented their future plans for a plot of unused ground near BGS - the work to turn this plot into a wildlife area will be an exciting collaboration between Bury Grammar School, Communitree and St Gabriel’s RC High School.

The Principal, Mrs Jo Anderson, concluded the meeting and thanked all pupils, staff and visitors for their continuing work to make our corner of the world a more sustainable and eco-friendly area.

Christmas Tree Recycling

In January we chipped and recycled eight Christmas trees that had decorated our schools in the lead up to Christmas. The chippings have been composted will be ready to use as a mulch around the BGS flowerbeds in a few months time.

We work with a local environmental and angling group who protect, improve and fish the river Irwell and other local rivers and canals.


The Big Draw Festival 2021 - BGS 'Feel Free to Draw' event

The Big Draw Festival is the world's biggest drawing festival. This year the theme was, "Make the Change", where children throughout the world were encouraged to explore and discover ways to live in balance with the world around us, to reconnect with each other and create a better world for future generations.

As a way of celebrating this togetherness, on 12 November 2021, the BGS Art Department invited pupils to draw and create together. Pupils were asked to think about how they interact with the natural world and each other and what does sustainable living mean. As you can see from the photographs from the event our pupil's relished this opportunity and produced some fantastic work - we hope you enjoy some of the photographs from the event! 


Recycled Robots - Enrichment Activity in CDT. Year 7 and 8 pupils. 

October 2021

Year 7 and 8 pupils involved with Recycled Robots have been designing and creating robots. Pupils have used materials and items from home that would ordinarily have been waste for recycling or landfill. Robots have been created using food and drinks cans, bottle tops, wire, nails, screws, bolts, sponges, containers and much more to bring their robots to life.

The robots will be on display for staff, pupils and parents to see during the summer term in the BGS Gallery. We will of course keep you informed about dates and events nearer the time.

This enrichment activity has been a great success and we are looking forward to you meeting our robots and their creators in the summer.

Camberwell Beauty

We were delighted to spot a Camberwell Beauty in 2021 on our estate. This butterfly is a rare migrant to the UK from Scandinavia.



Eco School Boards

The Eco School boards contain our Environmental Review and our Action Plans for moving forward. Any news/interesting topics are also placed here. 



Eco Footprint Art

A display of eco footprint art on the senior girls' school corridor. 

Pupils discussed carbon footprint and what does that mean? Discussed carbon emissions and what produces them and how they could be more environmentally aware, reuse and recycle. 

Pupils went on to how they can visually show their understanding of being environmentally friendly and the effects of their carbon footprint. 

Eco Schools Mural

Mural project in collaboration with local artist, and BGS Old Girl, Imogen, using Sprout Pencils; pencils that contain a seed and can be planted once used to grow flowers and herbs.


Cross-Curricular Eco Learning Continues

At BGS we continue to embed our Eco work into our curriculum. Here are just a few examples:


Year 7 pupils complete an independent topic on environmental issues in the summer term. 

Year 10 pupils complete a series of lessons based on the protection of wildlife. 


Year 8 pupils do a full unit on sustainability and environmental issues.

Modern Foreign Languages: 

Pupils from various year groups learn how to discuss environmental issues, say which is the most important to them and how they and their families can help to protect the environment. 


Renewable and non-renewable sources are studied. This includes consideration of issues such as global warming, conserving resources and environmental impact. 


Human impact on the environment and biodiversity as part of both the GCSE and A Level curriculum.