Bury Grammar Schools

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The EPQ is a Level 3 qualification (AS Level) which is offered to all students in Year 12.
It provides students with the opportunity to research their own area of academic interest and to write it up as a research project with the help of a supervisor and a series of focused research skills lessons.
There are a number of benefits to completing an EPQ:
1. It carries UCAS points and is the only AS level qualification to have A* as a grade
2. It will allow students to develop an area of academic interest outside the constraints of their A Level subjects.
3. It will allow students to develop research and writing skills which are very close to those used in universities. This will put them at a significant advantage both when it comes to applying for university, and when it comes to writing their own dissertation as an undergraduate at university.
4. It gives them the chance to experience one-to-one teaching / supervision and seminar teaching.