Bury Grammar Schools
Bury Grammar Schools participate in 10 and 28 day expeditions across the world with a student led focus.
The experience begins 18 months prior to embarking and preparation and fund raising are key to a successful expedition which help students to tap into their own potential, whether it’s within the group or leading it (usually both).
There is a focus on developing student leadership, resilience and teamwork. Students experience a world of challenges, from venturing out into barren landscapes, tackling treks, handling budgets, booking accommodation, taking care of logistics right through to contributing to community led initiatives.
These are the kinds of life changing experiences that students walk away from with an enriched view of self and a new found confidence to take on the world.
It provides what we call a passport to travel during University and beyond in the knowledge bthey can do so on a restricted budget and stay safe. Past destinations include: Madagascar, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Morocco, Poland, Peru, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Laos.
During the Summer of 2019, our students participated in a 4 week expedition to Tanzania.