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Arts and Culture are absolutely central to the ethos and culture of BGS.
We are committed to balancing traditional values with excellent forward thinking educational practices.  Excellent teaching within the arts is at the heart of what we do and will continue to develop, promote and celebrate.
Every pupil has the right to express themselves in a positive way and we encourage them to participate in a wide range of extra, cross and co-curricular activities through arts and culture which impacts all areas of our school, so much we have embedded this in to our ten school strategic aims.
Our successes are publicised and celebrated nationally and within our local community and we are proud of our reputation as a high-performing school, one which encourages academic and pastoral developments through the arts.
Our strengths lie in a diverse arts education, giving our pupils a wealth of unique opportunities which brings people together.  Our future plans envisage us to be pioneers in expressive learning, developing a recognisable and distinctive arts curriculum for all, which provides breadth alongside academic challenge.
At BGS we run cross-curricular initiatives devised and implemented via learning scaffolding.  Such initiatives provide teamwork and leadership skills for all pupils involved and opportunities we would like to continue sharing with other settings in the North West.


Our aim is to provide a thriving hub of excellence in the Arts for all pupils and staff at Bury Grammar School, engaging the school community in collaborative projects provides sustainability, diversity, resilience and skills within the practice of arts and culture.


  • To identify opportunities to increase collaboration between staff, pupils, parents and the local community.
  • To support the development of knowledge, skills and understanding; respecting the diversity and cultural understanding.
  • To shape an outstanding programme of joint cultural projects which leverages our core educational strategic aims as a centre of excellence for the arts.
  • To lead, motivate and inspire the School to ensure the projects are delivered to the highest standard.
  • To work with staff to ensure the best practice for projects across BGS.
  • To monitor and report on the learning and progress of such projects and their impact on the School.
  • To monitor and report on the learning and progress of such subjects and their impact on the School.
  • To encourage our students to have a more open attitude, fostering a love of learning; improving independence and decision making skills.
  • To promote confidence, self-understanding and self-esteem.
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