Combined Cadet Force

Bury Grammar School is immensely proud of our Combined Cadet Force, the largest voluntary CCF in the country and one of the oldest.
The School has a thriving Combined Cadet Force (CCF), bringing together an Army Section (Royal Regiment of Fusiliers) and an RAF section (from 2019).

Our CCF dates back to 1892, making it one of the oldest Combined Cadet Forces in the country with very close links to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers which is fitting owing to the town of Bury being the home town to the Lancashire Fusiliers.
Indeed, many former pupils who were also members of the CCF went on to serve their country in the two world wars, something the school is enormously proud of and those who died on active service have come to be known as our Fallen Swans.
The CCF offers pupils the chance to develop real life skills that will help them achieve success in life and in the workplace regardless of whether or not they pursue a military career.

Through military-themed activities, members of the CCF learn leadership skills, how to handle responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance and discipline.  Training is exciting and challenging, it places great emphasis on self-reliance and responsibility. It is safe, but above all fun! Senior cadets are also encouraged to motivate and train more junior members, giving them a chance to develop their leadership skills and gain promotion.
The CCF offers leadership opportunities and skills like no other area of school life: it really does represent an outstanding experience.
Pupils can volunteer to join the CCF from Year 9.

''CCF provides many opportunities within the school; it has enabled me to develop skills and work in a team. Along with Friday afternoon training sessions, activities such as Field Days, Overnight Exercises and the Annual Summer Camp in North Yorkshire, this gives cadets a broad and in depth experience, enriching school life. Unique opportunities give senior cadets leadership and communication skills, as they train and command the younger Cadets. Personally, I have found that CCF has allowed me to think on my feet in a high pressure environment, as well as help other people from across the school to develop and grow. ''

Member of the BGS Combined Cadet Force