The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Most of our pupils participate in the outstanding Duke of Edinburgh award scheme which is available to all pupils from the beginning of Year 9.
Starting at Bronze level and working through to completing the Gold level Award in the Sixth Form pupils, and students are able to gain credit for many of the activities they do outside of the classroom.
The benefits of participating in the award are endless.
It is an enormously valuable achievement and is recognised worldwide. Universities and employers are looking for more than good grades and extra-curricular activities; they are looking for evidence that show more of you than your academic achievements so emphasising your involvement on your UCAS application for example can tell an institution that a young person is ambitious and has a positive attitude as well as a range of interests. There are many benefits from having a DofE Award on your CV, particularly in regards to employability. Having a DofE Award will certainly help a young person stand out from the crowd.
We offer the award at all three levels (bronze, silver and gold) allowing students to continue to develop a range of skills and qualities in order to progress through all three levels if they wish.
Some students however may wish to participate and complete one or two of the levels.
Currently, in order to participate in the award, students need to be 13 years of age for bronze, 14 years of age for silver and 15 years of age for gold.  

'' We have a strong Duke of Edinburgh's Award group at Bury Grammar School.  Pupils from Year 9 take on the Bronze Award up to members of Year 13 pursuing the prestigious Gold Level Award.  As a teacher you really see the skills, determination and resilience in our pupils as they work towards their award.  Whether it is them telling you about volunteering with local charities or seeing the smiles on their faces after having completed a challenging hike with their friends the Duke of Edinburgh's Award brings out the very best in our pupils and students.''

Mr A Dennis

'' Our daughter was initially reluctant to take part in D of E, but we are all delighted that she did.  It is a superbly organised award, with teachers giving up their own valuable time to manage and facilitate the scheme.  It has simply helped to transform our daughter- she has more confidence, new skills, is fitter than she ever has been and her social skills have improved significantly.  Best of all though, she has had lots of fun whilst doing it- I would wholeheartedly recommend this award to everyone. ''

Year 10 Parent