World Challenge

Bury Grammar School participates in 10 and 28 day expeditions in developing countries across the world each year through World Challenge.

We give students the opportunity to write their own stories, make their own mistakes, live their own adventures, learn and grow with peers, see the world with open eyes that are focused towards those around them.

The focus is very much on the personal development of individuals and learning key skills such as leadership, teamwork, budgeting and resilience.

Expeditions are cleverly curated to foster global citizenship through cultural immersion. It’s about taking students out of their bubbles, expanding hearts and minds through the sharing of cultures.

Students gain new and valuable insights through local initiatives such as planting trees to fight deforestation, visiting cutting-edge wildlife rehabilitation centres, learning the art of rural agriculture, getting involved in local government initiatives that promote economic growth and many more awe inspiring activities.

Their eyes are widened, and so too is their sense of purpose, as they experience a journey that resonates them, for years to come.  They experience a world of challenges, from venturing out into barren landscapes, tackling treks, handling budgets, booking accommodation, taking care of logistics right through to community engagement.
These are the kinds of life changing experiences that students walk away from with an enriched view of self and a new-found confidence to take on the world.
Past destinations include: Madagascar, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Morocco, Poland, Peru, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Laos.

In the summer of 2021 the school is sending 3 teams to Borneo for a 28 day expedition.

''A once in a lifetime experience to learn about others cultures and ways of life.''

Charlotte Ferguson, Challenger

''Participating in a World Challenge expedition is simply the best personal development experience young people are likely to have.''

Mr D Cassidy, Vice Principle