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Sport at BGS

Sport at Bury Grammar School embodies the core aims of participation, performance, enjoyment, health and partnerships.

Bury Grammar School has a long-standing reputation for sporting endeavour and prowess and strives to provide excellent sporting opportunities for all pupils. We offer a diverse and inclusive programme of activities in which every pupil participates, through our curriculum and extensive enrichment programme.

All our pupils are encouraged to try their hand at a range of sports and physical activities, whatever their level of ability. We believe that physical health and well-being play a crucial role in the educational journey of young people, developing leadership, teamwork work, communication skills and self-discipline.  


Our sporting philosophy is to maximise opportunities for all pupils, whether this is to play competitively or to just take part for fun. 

The activities on offer are designed to be enjoyable and to challenge pupils’ physical abilities. The impact of school-based sport will never leave pupils, building confidence, developing character and encouraging lifelong participation in physical activity. 

We believe sport enables our pupils to develop a success mindset – encouraging them to take risks, be compassionate and resilient – preparing them for all that life has to offer beyond BGS; and while winning is not an end in itself, we believe that the efforts by our pupils to be their best will lead them to be successful.

'' Engagement and involvement in physical activity and sport is now more precious than ever.  Regular participation at any level really can have a positive impact on young people’s mindset, well-being and self-esteem. The friendships forged when young people come together to achieve a common goal often last way beyond the final whistle….as the saying goes, Sport does not develop character, it reveals it.''

Mrs R Newbold, Director of Sport


A large number of teams are offered, which provide pupils with many opportunities to represent the School in a wide range of sports at different levels. 

BGS pupils have been successful at local, regional and national level in netball, basketball, rugby, football, swimming and athletics and many of our pupils attain representative honours, including international selection.  Other sports on offer include table tennis, badminton, rounders, tennis, handball and yoga. 

Essentially, we strive for all our pupils to be physically active whilst at the same time, aspiring to the highest level of elite performance.

'' Sport has played a huge role in my time at BGS.  Representing our school in various competitions is something I will never forget. ''

BGS Year 9 Pupil

the sport faculty

The PE curriculum develops physical skill and an appreciation of health-related exercise whilst the games programme introduces pupils to a range of team-based and individual sports.

The enrichment programme enables all pupils to further explore, improve and develop their sporting interests and we aim to provide a stimulating, enjoyable and physically challenging programme of sport and physical activity.

The BGS Sports Faculty consists of specialist teachers. We provide expert teaching and coaching, before, during and after school. To assist this programme, members of teaching staff manage teams and deliver coaching sessions themselves, helping to develop strong relationships between pupils and teachers. The School utilises external coaches to support our enrichment programme and Senior Sport Programme.

Our Sports Facilities

3G All Weather Pitch

Sprint & Jump Track

Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)

Sports Hall (Tenterden St)

Cricket & Athletics Field

Cricket Nets

Swimming Pool

Hockey & Athletics Field

Buckley Wells Playing Fields

Tennis & Netball Courts

Sports Hall (Bridge Road)


Climbing Wall

Fitness & Dance Studio

Infant School Sports Hall