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Filming Opportunities at BGS

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Over the years, Bury Grammar School have provided the backdrop for well-known films, dramas and photoshoots. Here are a few BBC dramas you may know that have used our facilities:

  • The BBC drama ‘Magnificent 7’, starring Helena Bonham Carter,
  • The Big Questions where Nicky Campbell hosts a series of moral, ethical and religious debates,
  • The TV series ‘In Suspicious Circumstances’,
  • And more recently CBBC have been filming their series ‘So Awkward’.

We have a unit base (up to 150 cars in size) so this is ideal for the film crew. There are plenty of rooms available for the director, a green room, costume changes and makeup.

Our location offers more than just one setting. Our 45-acre estate includes a variety of buildings dating from the early 1900s to present day plus over 20 acres of countryside, sports facilities and other outdoor filming opportunities.

The estate buildings include:
  • Bury Grammar School Girls' Seniors –  built in 1903, this magnificent building houses our stunning Roger Kay Assembly Hall (12 x 22m), complete with vaulted ceiling and stained glass windows. The Edwardian building has been added to over the years but still retains all its original character, charm and period features and skilfully blends the old and new.
  • Bury Grammar School Boys' Seniors – a modern, bright, light, airy, large, well equipped 1950s / 1960s building of 5,300sqm. This building houses 2 school refectories and a large hall suitable for debates and presentations.
  • Bury Grammar School Infants – a quirky, modern building of exceptional design with hexagonal hall and rooftop playground. Opened in 2008. 3118sqm.
  • Bury Grammar School Boys' Juniors – a splendid 1920’s former magistrate’s court building with many original features. 1,600sqm.
  • Plus, ample outdoor areas and fields.

We have a location for every occasion!