Principal's Welcome

October Open Events

A warm welcome to Bury Grammar 450 from Principal, Mrs Jo Anderson

We are very proud to welcome you to Bury Grammar School 450. It is humbling to be part of a school that is 450 years old and which has brought so much to the people of Bury and beyond for four and a half centuries. As we go into our 450th year, we are mindful of the fact that our founders, truly men of vision who were ahead of their time, believed utterly in the importance of education and supporting the local community. We hope, in 2020, to pay respect to their work and commitment by putting Bury Grammar School’s history on show as we look confidently to the future.

Bury Grammar School dates back to 1570 when, during the reign of Elizabeth I, the School was founded by Reverend Henry Bury, a wealthy philanthropic clergyman, Reverend Peter Shaw, the Rector of Bury and the 3rd Earl of Derby who gave land on which the School was built.

The School was first located on land beside the Rectory in Bury near what is now Bury Parish Church and was a boys only school until 1884. One of the earliest known pupils was a local boy called Thomas Wilde, whose father was given financial help for his son’s education at the School. It is likely that, back in 1570, Bury Grammar School only employed one school master and concentrated on teaching basic skills of reading and writing. Now Bury Grammar School has over one thousand pupils - both boys and girls – 240 members of staff and a 45-acre estate, but the heart of the School remains very much the same: we believe in the power of education to change lives and are immensely proud to carry the name of the town where we have blossomed within our name. 

Such a significant moment should be marked. The School has a full programme of anniversary events and activities that aspire to be a fitting tribute to our Founders, giving thanks for their enduring legacy, and at the same time provide inspiration to our current pupils. Included in the anniversary are events that will make a direct contribution to our Bursary Fund ensuring that we can extend access to our School to as many pupils as possible in the future, an ethos that was at the heart of everything our Founders believed in.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bury Grammar School in 2020 and to celebrating together what the School has meant for generations of pupils. We hope that visitors will have tales to tell their children and grandchildren of Bury Grammar 450 as the next generation builds the foundations for another 450 years to come.  

Mrs Jo Anderson

Principal, Bury Grammar School