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A warm welcome to Bury Grammar 450+ from Principal, Mrs Jo Anderson

450th Anniversary - Review and Plan for 2021

A warm hello from Bury Grammar School.

2020 has been a very strange and challenging year for many of us and it had, of course, been earmarked as a very special year for Bury Grammar School as we celebrated our 450th Anniversary.

To mark this memorable occasion the School had created a full programme of anniversary events and activities that aspired to be a fitting tribute to our Founders, giving thanks to their enduring legacy, and at the same time provide inspiration to our current pupils. This included concerts, services, sports challenges, picnics and a world record attempt.

Thankfully we did manage to hold several events in the first three months but then Covid struck and the School closed for the first time in its history, at which point events moved online.

We are delighted to announce that we do intend to carry on with our celebratory plans into 2021 which we are now calling our 450+ Anniversary Year.

Although the country is going into further restrictions this week, the School will remain open and we hope that focusing on these celebrations will bring some light and laughter to an unpredictable run up to Christmas and beyond.

Our pupils only have their education once and we know that everyone at Bury Grammar School will be utterly focused on ensuring our young people continue to learn and absorb as much as they can in an environment which is as positive and normal as it can be. 

While the weeks ahead may not be straightforward, we very much look forward to working alongside our colleagues, pupils, alumni and supporters of BGS to enjoy the rewards of collectively helping our pupils to grow and learn, while making the most of all the uplifting and life-affirming moments that we have the privilege of participating in every term.

So here is to our 450+ year. We have created this 450+ video to show you what we have achieved in our Anniversary year in terms of events and bursary fundraising - and what we hope to achieve in the coming months. We know the situation is fluid; however, we hope that everyone can come together to ‘virtually’ celebrate this wonderful School and its illustrious past.

If you feel able to donate to our 450 Bursary Campaign please click here to see the options for giving including our Just Giving page.

We hope that you enjoy the video and look forward to keeping you updated and entertained with all of our 450+ activities.


Mrs Jo Anderson

Principal, Bury Grammar School