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A Memorable Adventure for Years 8 and 9

During the first week of the Easter holidays, our enthusiastic Year 8 and Year 9 pupils embarked on an active week-long ski trip to Folgarida, Italy. Nestled in the breathtaking Val di Sole within the majestic Dolomites, Folgarida proved to be an exceptional destination catering to all skiing levels, from beginners to seasoned black-run enthusiasts. The diverse range of slopes provided ample opportunity for each pupils to challenge themselves and celebrate personal growth in their skiing abilities.

Ski Trip Collage


The trip was graced by spectacular weather, with three out of our five days under the clear blue skies typical of pristine spring mornings. The freshly manicured pistes offered perfect skiing conditions that were nothing short of a skier's dream. 

A standout feature of the trip was the encouragement and camaraderie shared among the pupils. It was priceless to witness their interactions; the pupils spoke highly of their skilled instructors and shared laughs and encouragement during lunch breaks after their morning sessions. Their resilience was commendable — despite occasional falls, everyone was quick to get back up and continue. Each day was filled with supportive cheers for each other’s successes, creating unforgettable memories and highlights that will of course be unique to each pupil. 

The success of our ski trips hinges on the positive attitudes of our pupils. They demonstrated commendable discipline and responsibility, adhering to schedules for meals and transport, and organising their ski gear daily. Their exemplary behaviour and spirit were a testament to their character and a credit to our school. I am immensely proud of each participant. 

Special thanks are due to the dedicated staff members who accompanied the trip: Mrs Kershaw (Head of Creative and Performing Arts), Mrs Deacon (SENCo), Dr Halstead (Head of Chemistry), Miss Hunter (Head of Year 9 Boys), and Mr Watkins (Head of Year 9 Girls). Their commitment and companionship were invaluable. 

We look forward to doing this all over again at next year's ski adventure for our senior pupils at Jay Peak, expecting it to be another resounding success! 

Here are a few memories from the trip... 


Special thanks to Mr Dennis (Deputy Head Educational Visits), Trip Leader, for these words.