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Official Opening of BGS Performing Arts Centre

This morning marked the official opening of our new Performing Arts Centre, thanks to a generous donation from our Parents’ Association.

The official opening ceremony was held in the new facility and was attended by very happy pupils, proud teachers and Principal, Mrs Anderson. The highlight of the event was the unveiling of a commemorative plaque, which pays homage to the Parents’ Association for their generosity and unwavering support. This new Performing Arts Centre boasts three practice rooms with the ability to blackout all rooms, in a dedicated section of school entirely for performing arts. The space offers the opportunity for our pupils’ creative talents to be brought alive!



Special thanks must go to Bev Robinson, Maria Worthington, and Tammie O'Rourke from the Parents’ Association.

Tammie kindly joined us this morning to cut the ribbon and formally open these wonderful new facilities.

Mrs Robinson told us,

“Our goal has always been to support the school in providing exceptional opportunities for all pupils and we believe that the Performing Arts Centre will be a hub of creativity and a testament to what we can achieve together as a community. It’s wonderful to see the end results today!”

This wouldn't have been possible without the brilliant Estates Team here at BGS. Mr Ince, Estates Manager, said

"We are really pleased with the results of the new facility. Our in-house Estates Team, and specialist sub-contractors, delivered a dedicated space for the Performing Arts Department, that will allow the pupils to develop their talent, in a functional, practical, and adaptable environment."

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Mr Johnson, Head of Drama, told us ....

“The facilities have been transformational in allowing our pupils to hone their craft. Access to three new Drama studios, will no doubt elevate the quality of our lessons and school productions. I am excited and optimistic for the bright future ahead for those pupils who study Drama & Theatre at BGS.”

Principal, Mrs Anderson said,

“This impressive facility is not just about the new space that has been created; it’s a place where future generations of pupils will explore, create, and dream. We are immensely grateful to our Parents’ Association for their generous donation, which has turned our project into a reality and confirms our school’s commitment to The Arts. Some of our Year 13 students in attendance today have been at Bury Grammar School since Kindergarten and are relishing these new facilities before they move on to their next steps of university or apprenticeships!”

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