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BGS Pupils Shine at Ramsbottom Music Festival

Ramsbottom Music Festival


On the 9th March, the local community gathered for the highly anticipated annual Ramsbottom Music Festival which was held at Greenmount Primary School. The festival gives local musicians the opportunity to entertain, compete and enjoy performing.
Ramsbottom Music Festival has a range of classes, each with the opportunity to win a prize and receive professional adjudication.
All entrants receive personalised feedback on their playing, the opportunity to take home a class trophy for the year if they are a winner, and the fun of playing an instrument in public.
The event drew local music enthusiasts who delivered differing performances across various genres, ranging from classical to contemporary. The event is always special as it provides a platform for budding musicians to show off their talents and celebrate the music! Several pupils from Bury Grammar School participated in the festival, showcasing their skill and dedication. Their performances were very well received from both judges and spectators.
Well done to the following pupils who participated in the festival:
Lydia Year 3
Eliana, Estelle, Eva, Lois Year 4
Emma, Imi, Rachel Year 7
Charlotte, Eden, Nayan, Sophie Year 8
Amelia, Ethan Year 9
Wendy Year 10
Leticia and Scarlett Year 11


We would also like to congratulate the following pupils who were awarded trophies during the festival:
Lydia, Year 3 The ABC Trophy
Lois, Year 4 The Nan Lakes Memorial Trophy
Emma, Year 7 The Royal Marine Band Trophy
Nayan, Year 8 The Kenyon Trophy
Scarlett, Year 11 The Mosley and Company Trophy
Reflecting on the success of the event, Miss Britton, Director of Music at Bury Grammar School said,
“It is so great to see pupils supporting musical events in the local community and to hear the excellent standard of musicianship. Playing with and for other musicians is always rewarding. Well done to all involved.”
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