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BGS is rated Centre of Excellence for the second consecutive year

We are delighted to report that we have retained our status as a Centre of Excellence for Inclusion.

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“I am firmly of the opinion that the school fully meets the standard required by the Inclusion Quality Mark to maintain its status as a Centre of Excellence.” 


“From the moment I arrived at the school, it was obvious that this is a vibrant, caring and friendly place. I immediately felt welcome and throughout the day every interaction I had with members of staff at various levels within the organisation felt heartfelt and genuine, combined with my discussions with parents and pupils, who spoke overwhelmingly of what a wonderful, caring school this is.”


- Report on Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM) Inclusive School Award.

IQM Inclusive School Award


The Inclusion Quality Mark Award provides UK schools with a nationally recognised validation of their inclusive practice and ongoing commitment to developing educational inclusion. The IQM team visited Bury Grammar School to evaluate and measure how we are performing, helping us to learn and grow.

We recently welcomed an IQM Assessor to Bury Grammar School to carry out our annual review as an Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM) Centre of Excellence. Since achieving the IQM award last year, the School has moved from strength to strength in promoting inclusive practice and supporting the well being and personal development of all members of our school community. We are delighted to report that we have retained our status as a Centre of Excellence for Inclusion. During the visit, the assessor had the opportunity to speak with members of staff, pupils and parents, as well as touring the school and visiting lessons. We are proud to share some developments that have taken place in the last 12 months and quotes from the report which followed the inspection review visit.  

‘It was a real privilege to visit Bury Grammar School and experience the outstanding inclusive practice that permeates throughout. The commitment of the SLT to achieve their vision is explicit and is unequivocal with the whole staff working in collaboration to achieve the best for staff and pupils alike.’


“There is a shared belief in the inclusive ethos and as I walked around the school and visited lessons, the feeling of inclusion is overwhelmingly palpable and embedded in the core of everything the school does.”

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In September 2023, we opened ‘The Hub’ in the Senior School – an inclusion centre for Learning Support and Pupil Support, which provides a base for interventions for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), English as an Additional Language (EAL), Academic and Peer Mentoring and well being support. The Hub offers support for a range of pupils, not just those with additional needs, and has a daily focus to maximise the impact for all pupils across the School. 

‘Pupil voice shows that pupils benefit from and appreciate the open-door policy and welcoming environment.’

This year, as part of our inclusion strategy, we consulted with our school community about a new school uniform for pupils in Year 1 to Year 11, which will be phased in from September 2024. Bury Grammar School has been ‘one school’ since 2018 and recently celebrated the sixth anniversary of bringing the schools together. The new uniform offers parity across all phases of the school and has been designed to be cost-effective and inclusive of all pupils and ages.  

‘From my conversations with staff, pupils and carers there is a shared belief in inclusion with the term being used freely by all stakeholders who are clear in the knowledge of what this entails. There is a shared belief in the inclusive ethos and as I walked around the school and visited lessons, the feeling of inclusion is overwhelmingly palpable and embedded in the core of everything the school does.’

Pupil and staff well being is always a high priority at Bury Grammar School and this year has seen the introduction of a Mental Health First Aid team, with nine trained Mental Health First Aiders across all parts of the school. The IQM report highlighted the vast amount of support in place for pupils, including the introduction of YouHQ, a well being check-in tool for pupils to self-reflect and pastoral teams to monitor pupil welfare, and the various systems in place for pupils to access support for their mental health. We are extremely proud of the high-quality pastoral care that our pupils receive and thrilled that this has been acknowledged by the assessor.

“One Year 10 pupil spoke about how he feels the school provides opportunities for pupils to build good relationships with each other and members of staff. He also emphasised how pupils and staff are consistently warm and welcoming to all new pupils and the fact he recognises this is an indicator of how explicitly this is done.”



The next steps as a Centre of Excellence for Inclusion are to work even more closely with parents through a series of parent workshops and information sessions, to develop pupil leadership opportunities and to work in partnership with other schools and our local community. We aim to ensure that our pupils are well-prepared for life outside and beyond Bury Grammar School by providing extensive opportunities to develop leadership and peer support. We are also very excited to be hosting the next cluster meeting of other IQM Centres of Excellence and Flagship Schools later this term and continuing to work with others for the benefit of our pupils and school community.  

“In conversation with parents, they experience good communication throughout the year. They talked about the excellent transition events that the school offers for internal and external pupils. They indicated that they are consistently made aware of such events well in advance which helps to reassure them that transition points will be managed carefully with pupil needs at the forefront of planning. Parents are consulted regularly and the method used is very ‘easy and accessible.”

Principal, Mrs Anderson told us:

“We are incredibly proud to receive the IQM Inclusive School Award for the second year in a row. This recognition is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our staff, pupils, and community in creating an inclusive environment where every child can thrive. We remain committed to fostering a culture of excellence, respect, understanding, and support, ensuring that all our pupils can reach their absolute potential.” 

Anderson FD


“The school has been recognised by ‘The Telegraph’ as having ‘high results, low fees’ and the Principal is extremely proud, and rightly so, that they offer almost twice as many bursaries compared to the national average.”


“The Principal described how the school aspires to be socially inclusive and it was evident throughout the day that the desire to change pupil lives is a consistent theme across all areas of the school.”

Special thanks to everyone who participated in the inspection and who participate daily in making our school such a special place.