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BGS Supports Porch Boxes - Bury Food Bank

Our Head of Charities, Mrs Dickson, along with 21 Senior and Sixth Form Charity Representatives, visited Porch Boxes, a charity based in Bury, which provides crisis packs of food and toiletries to local agencies to distribute to local people in urgent need.
Porch Boxes is a registered charity based here in Bury, dedicated to alleviating food poverty and providing essential support to individuals and families in need within the local community. Their primary focus revolves around collecting, storing, and distributing food and essential items to individuals and families experiencing financial difficulties. 
Porch Boxes operates a food bank that serves as a vital lifeline for many, and all items are sourced through generous donations from individuals, local businesses, schools, and community groups. 
Porch Boxes is one of Bury Grammar School’s local ‘chosen charities’, which we have supported since 2021 through our annual Christmas Reverse Advent collection. 
On the 6th December, a group of our Charity Representatives visited Porch Boxes to gain an insight into the charity’s missions and values and to see how the School’s annual food donations are utilised over the winter period. 
The School's Charity Representatives, guided by Porch Boxes workers and volunteers, were shown around the food bank. Canned goods, packets of rice, and boxes of essentials lined the walls, a testament to the community's unwavering solidarity. 
During their visit, our pupils witnessed the hard work and activity that takes place behind the scenes. Volunteers work tirelessly, sorting, organising, and preparing packages destined to find their way to grateful homes. Our pupils spent their time at Porch Boxes helping to pack Christmas bags for care leavers, some who will be as young as sixteen. The bags included essential items, non-perishable goods, and Christmas treats. The pupils packed a total of 188 bags; all of which will be distributed over the festive period.
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Mrs Dickson, Head of Charities said,

“Our pupils all know about food banks - but when they visited Porch Boxes, the reality of the role of food banks in our society really hit home. Seeing a warehouse full of donations to be sorted and shelves stacked with items from tinned foods to nappies, brings the reality of life for many in our local community swiftly into focus. 
The reality and understanding of this are hugely impactful to our pupils. The pupils were a credit to the School, working so hard to pack these Christmas bags and to help this remarkable local charity.” 
As they departed, the pupils carried with them a deeper understanding of the importance of empathy and solidarity.
If you would like to help, please send in your food donations to school before 19th December or contact the charity directly:
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