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GCSE Results 2023

Bury Grammar School’s GCSE Results 2023

Many congratulations to our Year 11s who have achieved a remarkable set of GCSE results with a whole host of star grades. Pupils, parents, and staff are elated with their achievements in a year in which marking returns to tough pre-pandemic levels.  

A third of all grades are stellar 9s and 8s (A**-A*), over 50% of results are at the very top level of 9-7s (A**-A) and almost 90% of grades are 9-5 (A**-B).  

Two pupils have achieved a perfect score of grade 9s (A**), five pupils have a stunning set of nine grades at 8 and 9 (A* and A**), twenty-four pupils have all 7-9s (A-A**) and sixty-four pupils have more 7-9s (A-A**) than any other grade.  

This A grade cohort have between them gained a stunning total of 570 grades at 9-7 (A**-A) which, for those who are well versed in the School’s history, is a number which resonates, 1570 being the year in which Bury Grammar School was founded.  A fitting nod to the past for a group of pupils with such bright futures ahead!  

We are immensely proud of all our pupils and look forward to a great two years ahead in Sixth Form. 


Individual achievements have been outstanding this year; here are just a few... 

  • Mykola-Vasyl Bihun gained a fantastic full suite of 10 grade 9’s. Like so many of our pupils, Mykola is not only an academic but a student with a wide range of interests: the BGS Combined Cadet Force (CCF) has benefited from his contributions, and he has recently enjoyed national success with the School Lego Robotics team. Mykola also volunteers his time on Saturdays at a Ukrainian school in Manchester. He said today, “I’d like to thank all the teachers at BGS who have taught me over the last five years.” 

  • Ismail Salim secured an impressive nine grade 9’s. Ismail is an avid linguist and has competed nationally in the Linguistics Olympiad plus the Physics Challenge. He completed his Higher Project Qualification (HPQ) on the media's portrayal of socio-political affairs in Africa, is a Year 11 Prefect, Form Captain and Biology Departmental Champion and an all-round excellent pupil. Ismail told us, “Bury Grammar School has really given me the ability to achieve my full potential. Thank you.” 

  • Louisa Yoxall is one of three BGS pupils in her family, a talented athlete representing the School, a volunteer who is generous with her time, and a valuable member of the Year 11 Prefect Team. She has collected eight grade 9s and 1 grade 8 today. Louisa said, “I am really happy with my results and looking forward to studying new A Level subjects at BGS.”  

  • Gifted musician, hockey player, and member of the CCF corps of drums, Lily Adams, received seven grade 9’s and two grade 8’s and will go on to follow her passion at the prestigious Chetham’s School of Music. Lily’s mum told us, “Lily couldn’t have achieved this without the tailored pupil support, guidance and fantastic pastoral care, especially with the online learning during lockdown.”  

  • Zaid Waseem, an excellent ambassador for BGS as a Biology Departmental Champion, has competed at national level for the School via the Maths Challenge and the Physics Challenge, completed an HPQ on the topic of the threat of major technological giants to data privacy, and today obtained seven grade 9’s and two grade 8’s. Zaid said, “I would like to thank my friends and teachers for all the amazing support they have given me since I joined the school five years ago.” 

  • Skilled actor Abigail Falk, who played Matilda in our last school performance, makes a full and enthusiastic contribution to the School Netball team and CCF. She has enjoyed playing in the Corps of Drums, has successfully completed her Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards, has been a Year 11 Prefect, and has obtained six grade 9’s and three grade 8’s. Abigail told us, “I am very relieved to have received the results I wanted. Thank you to all my teachers who were there when I needed them. I’m now looking forward to joining BGS Sixth Form to study Maths, Biology and Spanish.”

  • Not only has Sophie Latham immersed herself in the Super Curriculum, she is an integral member of the CCF RAF and recently passed her weeklong Air Cadet Gold Leadership course. Sophie has made a significant contribution to the Music Department, and has achieved eight grade 9’s, one grade 8 and one grade 7. Sophie’s parents told us, “We are really pleased for her and all of her hard work she’s put in!”  

  • Year 11 Prefect and Music Departmental Champion, Lydia Thompson, is a talented actor, pianist, and all-round brilliant musician. Lydia has achieved seven grade 9’s, one grade 8 and one grade 7. Lydia, our new French scholar, commented, “I’ve been here since Kindergarten and wouldn’t have made it without the support of all the teachers, my peers, and parents. A big thank you to everyone - I’m very excited for BGS Sixth Form now!”  

  • Ewan Greenhalgh, a wonderful actor who played Mr Wormwood in our recent school production of Matilda, is a key member of the Choral Society, Orchestra, Lego Robotics Team, and Silver Crest Award, and obtained seven grade 9’s, two grade 7’s and one grade 8. A proud moment for Ewan’s family, including Dad and sister who are members of our alumni. Ewan said, “I’m really pleased with my results and would like to thank all my teachers for the support they’ve given, I am looking forward to studying Biology, Geography and Maths at Bury Grammar Sixth Form.”  

  • Amelia Jarvis, a keen dramatist, has performed in school productions and the National Theatre Connections performance. Amelia has completed the Duke of Edinburgh’s award, and has gained six grade 9’s, two grade 8’s and one grade 7. 




Very many of our pupils achieved extraordinary results in their GCSEs – however each year we appreciate that it is not necessarily those results which make the headlines which represent the greatest achievements. We are immensely proud of ALL our pupils and teachers and of every grade achieved through hard work, determination, and dedication. Our overall aim at BGS is to guide all our pupils to discover skills and passions, become accomplished, well-grounded, well-read, and positive adults who have the confidence to succeed when they leave us.

Pupils & Parents


Results at Bury Grammar School are once again very strong set against the regional backdrop

GCSE Results Day GM and BGS

Nationally standardised scores from ‘IQ’ assessments sat by our pupils at the beginning of Year 10 give us an indication of what grades each pupil can expect to achieve in their GCSEs. As the chart below shows, our pupils have considerably outperformed expectations.

Value added at GCSE 2023

Sixth Form

Our Year 11s have timed their entry into our Sixth Form extremely well, with newly refurbished common rooms and study area installed this summer! We anticipate that our pupils will be opting for a wide range of A Level subjects and will be keen to take up the very many opportunities offered in BGS Sixth Form. 

Common Room


Fantastic careers and university advice, leadership roles, the Duke of Edinburgh’s award, the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification)…and no doubt many happy memories and superb future academic achievements await. As one of our Year 13 students recently explained, 

“Your life will change here. You will grow and make incredible friends. The prospect of leaving for university soon is exciting but I’ll miss being here every day with my ‘family’".

​ Senior Leader Reactions

Mrs Jo Anderson, Principal, said, ‘We’re all absolutely overjoyed for our pupils and parents. To open results envelopes and see such stunning sets of grades is immensely uplifting. Our pupils have worked so hard and should be extremely proud of their achievements. Many have overcome challenges only they will know about and some of the hardest won grades might not be those seen in the headlines, but those young people themselves will know what they have achieved and can take great confidence and strength from their achievements in the future. I must also say, on behalf of our pupils, an enormous thank you to all our teachers and support staff who provided such expert teaching and who gave tremendous moral support where it was needed. The fact that there are so many more top grades than expected, 570 grades 7-9 in total, is in significant part down to the great teamwork and partnerships between pupils and staff. When someone pointed out that 570 echoes the year BGS was founded, 1570, that added to the poignancy of the day. GCSE results day 2023 is an important day in these pupils’ personal. histories. Well done to all – a fabulous two years in Sixth Form awaits!’    

Mrs Vicky Leaver, Deputy Principal in charge of academic provision, added, the GCSE class of ’23 have so much to look forward to. The significant investment in our Sixth Form facilities over the last two years, including the full refurbishment of the Sixth Form Centre this summer, combined with outstanding teaching and university support make BGS the very best destination for A Level study – we cannot wait to see what they will do next!  

Congratulations to our pupils who exceeded all expectations!!