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Head of Psychology receives Chartered Psychologist status

Bury Grammar School’s Head of Psychology, Ms Claire McDermott (CPsychol), receives Chartered Psychologist status.




After 25 years of contribution to Psychology through teaching and extensive senior examining work, Ms McDermott was able to apply for Chartered Psychologist status through the 'teaching route'. 
The application required her to provide evidence of a variety of teaching-based competences, which demonstrated her contribution to the wider Psychology educational community. 
This prestigious milestone not only highlights Ms McDermott’s dedication to professional development, but also brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the BGS community. 
The title of Chartered Psychologist is legally recognised and reflects only the highest standard of psychological knowledge and expertise. 
Becoming a Chartered Psychologist is the pinnacle of a psychologist's professional career. Once achieving Chartered status, Psychologists are legally recognised within their specialism and trusted to deliver the highest standard of service whether that be in research, teaching, or practise.

Ms McDermott continues to imbue her expert knowledge to our Sixth Form students as an A Level Psychology teacher and our Head of Psychology and we look forward to her continuing to inspire future Bury Grammar School Psychologists with her dedication and skill in this field.

Ms McDermott said,  
‘I am thrilled to have been successful and was made a member of the British Psychological Society with Chartered Psychologist status on Friday, 19th January.  
This will enable me to access a professional community, access training and development opportunities and I am included on the societies list of 'Psychologists'.’ 
Bury Grammar School would like to congratulate Ms McDermott on this fantastic professional achievement in her career and look forward to the continued positive impact that Ms McDermott has on her Psychology students.