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Glowing Inspection from the Independent Schools Teacher Induction Panel

Here at Bury Grammar School (BGS) we are committed to excellence, and this has recently been recognised by The Independent Schools Teacher Induction Panel (ISTIP). 



ISTIP is a statutory body for the induction for new teachers and is overseen by a Board in matters of governance, and a Panel, which has oversight of the statutory induction process.  

At BGS, we understand the significance of fostering a supportive environment for new teachers as they embark on their professional journey. ISTIP conducted its annual inspection at our school in November 2023. 

Our dedication to the growth and development of new teachers is reflected in the design and delivery our own training programme which is based on the Early Career Framework (ECF). Currently we support 10 ECTs across various subjects, across the School. Each ECT has a mentor who is responsible for the formal aspects of induction, including conducting lesson observations, holding regular meetings with their ECT and guiding their ECT through a programme of structured learning. A bespoke and extensive training programme runs alongside the mentoring sessions throughout the year, ensuring ECTs have access to evidenced based, practical knowledge and advice which develops their teaching practice. This means that ECTs are closely supported by a range of experienced pastoral and academic specialists, who provide advice and guidance related to their area of the curriculum and the wider school arena, ensuring a personalised and comprehensive approach to their professional development. 



The ISTIP visit enabled their Support Officer to offer support and guidance to our school and confirm that we are following the Statutory Guidance for ECT induction. Meetings were held with our new teachers, with their Mentors and with the Induction Lead. The visit also included the opportunity for other ECTs and Mentors to meet with the Support Officer on an informal basis. 

We are proud to share that the inspection was overwhelmingly positive, with no recommendations required. We were found to be ‘carefully’ following the Statutory Guidance and that ‘all aspects of ECT induction at BGS are of an extremely high quality’.  

The report mentioned,  

“It is clear that BGS is a community which is committed to developing new staff, particularly those starting out in the profession. There is a very positive, collegial atmosphere in the school. 

There are many opportunities for continuing professional development at BGS, which build on the foundations laid. 

It is clear from the ECTs’ paperwork and the conversations held during the Support Visit that they are all developing into highly reflective practitioners.” 



Special thanks to Mrs Buckley, Senior Teacher Staff Development, and Induction Lead for overseeing the entire process of induction and providing support and guidance for all the ECTs and their Mentors. 

Mrs Buckley told us,  

“The success of our induction programme is a testament to the collaborative efforts of our brilliant staff, I look forward to watching our teachers grow and develop further over the coming months.” 

And Principal Mrs Anderson echoed this sentiment saying, 

“We believe in the transformative power of education, and we always have high aspirations for our young people and staff. This positive feedback from the ISTIP reinforces our commitment to professional growth and development here at BGS and we’re proud of the hard work and progress being made here – congratulations!”