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Exciting New Renovations at BGS

Whole campus refinements at Bury Grammar School

It is well documented that a school environment plays a significant part in the quality of experiences enjoyed by pupils. 

At Bury Grammar School, we would always say that first and foremost it is the people in that environment who have the biggest influence, but it is also undoubtedly true that the physical environment can serve to inspire and support high educational standards.  

Last year, the new Primary Division and the new academic centre for Sixth Form, The Courthouse, were the main focus of our building projects; this summer has seen some quite transformational changes to our campus across Senior School, as well as continued improvements in Primary and Sixth Form. 


Senior School 

Senior School now has one central base per academic department, known as ‘centres of excellence’ which the map below illustrates. 

School Map


The School has invested in providing each faculty with outstanding facilities to stimulate creativity, engagement and productivity.    

Providing every academic department with one ‘home base’ was a strategy designed to support learning in other important ways as well – by giving teachers more opportunities to share good practice in their faculties and to establish each centre of excellence as the place for pupils to drop in for additional support. Pupils continue to have their own Form room based in either the senior boys' campus or the senior girls' campus.

One Head of Department commented that our new faculty bases mean, ‘A smoother start to lessons and more content can consequently be covered in class.’ Another HoDs commented that on the value of being able to display our pupils’ artwork from the exhibition in one place.  ‘It lends itself to inspire all pupils and is a valuable teaching resource for all years’, she remarked. 

  •  Many classrooms also have new IT/CleverTouch Boards to support learning. 

  • There are 18 refurbished classrooms throughout Senior School with form rooms for each year group of boys and each year group of girls enjoying their own base. 

  • The new windows across the Senior Boys’ campus and to the rear of the Senior Girls' campus have been much commented on! 

  • Pupils also have dedicated areas for Drama, Music, IT and Languages. 

  • An important development is the creation of ‘The Hub’ - an area designated for pupils where they might receive additional help and support and our new Learning Support base. 



Following last year’s establishment of our then new Primary Division, this year has also seen further upgrades in Primary: 

  • Juniors has been re-carpeted throughout. 

  • Reception classrooms have new wet play flooring. 

  • Kindergarten outdoor area has been refreshed. 

Following last year’s establishment of The Courthouse, our academic Sixth Form base, the Sixth Form Centre now also has  

  • Newly refurbished front common room and rear common room. 


Here at BGS we are committed to not only maintaining our legacy of academic excellence but also ensuring that our facilities reflect the quality of education that BGS offers. 

Our Head of Estates told us, 

“Our summer projects at BGS were an ambitious 8-week programme of a scale not seen for several years, I am pleased to say that all the projects were completed on time ready for the return of our pupils and students and have really enhanced the School facilities and building fabric for many years to come.  


Recognition for all this hard work should go to the various contractors on-site, our own in-house Estates team and the Caretaking team who took the work in their stride, along with the upheaval whilst the projects were being completed – they worked tirelessly to ensure the School and classrooms were back in shape, just in time!  This included new windows to the Senior Schools, upgraded pupil toilet blocks, refurbished classrooms across site and various sport facility upgrades and refreshes.” 

Our incredible Estates and IT Departments have done a fabulous job for our pupils this summer. 

A Big Thank You 

Our incredible Estates and IT Departments have done a fabulous job for our pupils this summer. 

These upgrades wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our dedicated community of staff, parents, alumni, and benefactors. Your continued support ensures we remain at the forefront of educational excellence. 

Here’s to a fantastic year ahead!