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The School Captains and Prefects at Bury Grammar School for 2024 - 2025

A tradition of leadership and excellence has flourished for centuries at Bury Grammar School, embodied in the roles of the School Captains and School Prefects. These important roles, steeped in history and prestige, are not just titles, but a testament to the School's commitment to nurturing leaders who are ready to make a meaningful impact both within the School and in the wider community. 

Group Prefects


The tradition of student leadership at Bury Grammar School dates to 1595 and perhaps even further. The Head Girl role dates to 1906, when this award was given to Emma Sutcliffe. Emma's name, along with the names of all previous Head Girls who followed, is etched in gold leaf in the Roger Kay Hall. Likewise, in the Main Hall, Senior Boys’ campus, the School Captains’ names are proudly displayed and date back to as early as 1595 when R.Greenhalgh was School Captain. 

Along with their history, these roles carry significant responsibilities and privileges within our school community. 

Over the years, the roles of School Captains and Prefects have evolved, but their core purpose has remained the same: to serve as exemplary models of the School's values, including Scholarship, Character, Enrichment, and Partnership. 


School Aims

We hope this occasion marks a moment of immense pride for the new Senior Prefect team as they formally represent our school. 

The School Captains have a distinguished record of both academic and extracurricular achievements, and are selected for their ability to lead, inspire and unite the student body. This role is not only a prestigious honour, but also a significant responsibility, as the School Captain represents the School at official events, leads the student body and plays a key role in shaping the School's culture and spirit. 


We are proud to share with you the Bury Grammar School Senior Prefect Team for the academic year 2024-25. 


Head Girl, School Captain is Lydia T

Head Boy, School Captain is Montgomery W

Deputy Head Girl, School Vice-Captain is Louisa Y

Deputy Head Boy, School Vice-Captains are Mykola-Vasyl B and Ismail S

School Captains
School Captain Team

Combined Cadet Force roles are:

Regimental Sergeant Major is Madeleine B M

Drum Sergeant Major is Sophie L

Cadet Warrant Officer is Mykola-Vasyl B

Flight Sergeant is Lewis W

CCF Prefects


The Charities Captains are:

Charities Captains are Olivia H and Xavier R

Vice Charities Captain  is Jasmine W


The Common Room Captains are: 

Common Room Captains  are Evie F and Zack R

Common Room Prefects


The House Captains are: 

Role Name

House Captain - Hulme  

Adam N

House Captain - Howlett  

Ewan G

House Captain - Kay  

Cameron H

House Captain – Derby 

Viet N

House Captain – Kitchener   

Samantha J 

House Captain - Neild  

Madison B

House Captain - Perigo  

Hannah P

House Captain - Lester  

Tilly C


Deputy House Captain – Hulme 

Ben T

Deputy House Captain – Howlett 

Freddie W

Deputy House Captain - Kay  

Isaac B M

Deputy House Captain - Derby  

Zayyan H 

Deputy House Captain - Kitchener  

Imaan A 

Deputy House Captain - Neild  

Freya W

Deputy House Captain - Perigo 

Amelia J 

Deputy House Captain - Lester  

Ellie H 


Music Captains are:

Music Captains: Cameron H and Sophie L

Music Captains


Events are:

Events Captains: Abigail F and Will F

Events Prefects: Isabel B M, Evie F, Lola F and Lily L 



Primary Captains are:

Role Name

Primary Captain - Infants  

Freya I

Primary Captain - Juniors  

Emily D 

Primary Vice Captain - Infants  

Tony X

Primary Vice Captain - Juniors  

Maiya T 

Infant Prefects
Junior Prefects


Role Name

Sports Captain 

George L, Claudia T 

Vice Sports Captain  Maddie G, Dawoud S

Sports Prefects  

Imaan A, Erin M, Katie R


Sport Prefects


Year 7 Prefects:

Role Name
Year 7 Captains Lewis W, Louisa Y

   Year 7 Prefects   

Simra A

Natasha B
Amelia J  
Ava M
Viet N
Dawoud S
Kate S
Salahudeen S  
Ben T
Freddie W


Y7 Prefects


These roles are an important tradition at Bury Grammar School, reflecting the commitment to developing leaders who are not only successful in their endeavours, but also possess a deep sense of responsibility to their communities, and we congratulate all students on their new roles. 

Mrs Anderson, Principal, told us, 

“These roles are so much more than titles; they are a testament to the School's enduring legacy of leadership, character, and community. These positions carry with them many years of history and prestige as we continue to shape the leaders of tomorrow, ensuring that the spirit of Bury Grammar School shines bright, now and for generations to come. The applicants have been impressive and the competition strong. Congratulations to this brilliant team who I am looking forward to working with over the next academic year.”