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Translation Bee National Champions

On 31st June, three of our talented Year 9 pupils travelled to Cambridge University to compete in the National Final of the MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) Translation Bee.

Representing Bury Grammar School were Ellie in French, and Sarah and Sahar in German. These pupils distinguished themselves among 14,814 participants who began the competition back in October, making it to the final 57 nationwide after excelling in previous rounds to rank among the top 5 in the North.



The Translation Bee challenges pupils to translate as many sentences as possible into their target language within one minute. This demanding task requires extensive preparation and dedication from both the pupils and their language teachers throughout the year.

Remarkably, this marks the third consecutive year that Bury Grammar School pupils have earned places in the National Final. Notably, Sahar competed last year in French and this year switched to German. This year’s event saw outstanding performances from all our participants. Sarah faced a nail-biting tie-breaker with four other pupils, ultimately finishing just outside the top four. Ellie delivered a strong performance in French, while Sahar triumphed in the German category, emerging as the National Champion.


MFL Final

"Since year 7, I have developed a love for learning new languages, I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to compete in the translation bee both for French and German and I have really enjoyed the experience." -  Sahar

We are immensely proud of Ellie, Sarah, and Sahar for their dedication and achievements. Their success not only highlights their hard work but also underscores the valuable skills they gain from participating in this prestigious competition.

"Something about learning different cultures and new languages really interests me, overall I really enjoyed participating in the German Translation Bee and I will continue to use the skills and knowledge I have learnt along the way!" - Sarah

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Routes into Languages for organising the event and to our dedicated MFL department for their unwavering support and commitment.

Routes into languages

Congratulations to our pupils for their incredible achievements!