Bury Grammar Schools

Our People

As an employer we are focused on creating an outstanding work place for all our staff so that we can attract, retain and engage talented individuals, who have a desire to transform the lives of others.
We pride ourselves on the best support and care for our academic, support and bursarial staff as we believe firmly that a school is only as strong as those working within it.
We expect a great deal from all our highly qualified and committed Academic staff and, in return, ensure that they have a rewarding and fulfilling career at BGS. 

Our talented support teams facilitate excellence across all aspects of the School. The Catering team serve up to 1500 meals each day, while the Estates Team look after over 45 acres of land including extensive playing fields and first-rate sport facilities.
From accounts and admissions, through to the Clifford Billing Sports Centre and Arts Centres, the support departments at BGS are specialist, diverse and crucial to the School’s success, making up and crucial part of our workforce.
Browse the roles below to see whether BGS could offer you an opportunity to join our purposeful environment, as we prepare our pupils for a life of learning, leadership, service and personal fulfilment.