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Our Pupils

Our pupils are our finest ambassadors, with each and every one of them playing their part in making Bury Grammar School the happy and successful school that it is.

We believe that in order to learn effectively, all pupils need to feel safe and happy.  The wellbeing of our pupils is central to all aspects of education at BGS.  Pupils feel respected and valued, developing in confidence as they transition through the various stages of our school.  Not only are our pupils ambitious with a willingness to learn, they also understand the importance of making the most of all of the opportunities that BGS has to offer them.

We value pupil voice and the roles of our pupils within the BGS community and believe they are the best advocates of our school.  

Parent & Pupil Survey

In a recent parent and pupil survey the vast majority of both BGS parents and pupils said that:

Pupils are happy at school

They would recommend BGS to another family

 Teachers give pupils help if they have problems with their work 

The School encourages respect and tolerance for others

The School helps pupils to be confident and independent 

The School helps pupils to develop strong teamwork and social skills 

The School expects pupils to behave well

Bury Grammar School Infants

'' BGS is the perfect place to learn.  We are supported to the highest level; teachers encourage us to reach our goals and as students, we definitely feel that our individual achievements are celebrated and valued. "

Year 11 Pupil

Bury Grammar School Infants in Playground

"I'm really enjoying all of the different lessons - all of the teachers are really kind and always available to explain something to you."

Year 7 Pupil

''There is so much on offer for us to do aside from lessons - the sports clubs are my favourites!"

Year 7 Pupil

'' The best thing about BGS Sixth Form is the community environment, the warm atmosphere and the willingness and enthusiasm of all our teachers.  They really challenge us to aim high and always do our best. ''

Year 13 Student

'' I love my art lessons.  I like to draw horses and caterpillars."

Reception Pupil

'' Our school is brilliant- it has everything you want!"

Year 2 Pupil

''I love to do maths. It is so fun!"

Year 1 Pupil

'' The care at our school is amazing- the teachers look after us but also make us feel grown up. ''

Year 6 Pupil

'' Our teachers are the best and are really kind and caring. They look after us and give us lots of help. '

Year 5 Pupil